Get to know TAS Coach: Kate Leek

Get to know TAS Coach: Kate Leek

All of our acting coaches are highly qualified working actors who participate in the Film/TV industry in a variety of ways, in addition to coaching acting classes. But we want to give you a more in-depth look at who they are as people
This month we are sharing some insights that will help answer the question, 
“Who Is Kate Leek?” Read on to find out!

What Makes You Feel Confident?

I feel most confident when I learn something new. I get embarrassingly excited about
knowledge and being able to share that makes me feel empowered. That, and high

How did you first get into acting?

My mother always had a passion for musical theater and she passed this passion onto
me. I soon fell in love with movies and would insert my own dialogue into films so I could
pretend I was a character. I was absolutely obsessed with Lord of the Rings as a kid and
I wanted to be a character in that world more than anything. When my parents asked me

what I wanted for my eighth birthday I replied, “an agent”. I started lessons at The
Actor’s Scene soon after and the rest was history.

Kate with family

What has been your biggest struggle in the industry?

When I was younger and living in Los Angeles with my mom, I missed my family terribly.
As a kid, it was difficult to choose between chasing my dream and being apart from
them. There was no video chat at the time so it was easy to feel disconnected. As I got
older and decided that my true passion was coaching, it was a little tricky to make the
shift into a new position. Having to explain my preferred role in the industry to all of those
who supported me through my acting career was a bit of a struggle, but ultimately, my
loved ones and representation supported it. It was the best decision I ever made. I love
coaching actors so much and although I love performing for myself, I find true happiness
in being a coach.

How did you tackle it?

It is important to always stay true to yourself. As a kid, I decided to come home to the
Atlanta market. It simply wasn’t worth being away from my family. As for the professional
shift, I studied the works of many successful acting coaches and used my knowledge as
a performer to become excellent at what I do. Even today, I am always continuing to
educate myself so I can best benefit the actors I work with. I feel validated by the
progress I see in my students every day and that just confirms that I made the right move.

Acting is the ultimate exercise in empathy. As actors, we have the honor of recreating life. I always encourage my students to tap into the details that make us human so they can do their characters justice. Empathetic practice yields genuine performance and in doing so, we exercise self-discovery.

Besides acting, do you pursue any other interests in the entertainment industry?

I have dabbled in producing with some of my friends who are filmmakers and I have
published a research thesis through Georgia State University entitled “Drama Therapy: A
Character Analysis of the Self”. I am very proud of the year-long research that went into
my written experience as a coach and the emotional healing I witnessed in my students
through their acting journeys.

Why did you get into coaching?

When I was sixteen and I had just started college. I was working in admin for a talent
development company. I would travel for work and there was this one weekend where
our acting coach missed their flight and because of my performance background, I was
asked to fill in. I was nervous. I was young and I had a serious case of imposter
syndrome. When I taught that first class, I felt invigorated. I was so proud of each
performer and they improved so much in such a short amount of time. I remember
thinking, “Wow, I think I am pretty great at this”. Based on the feedback from the
students, the company hired me on as a coach. I traveled for three more years with the
company and coached thousands of actors all across the United States before taking a
full time position at a local Atlanta studio.

What is one important bit of advice you always give the students in your class?

Acting is the ultimate exercise in empathy. As actors, we have the honor of recreating
life. I always encourage my students to tap into the details that make us human so they
can do their characters justice. Empathetic practice yields genuine performance and in
doing so, we exercise self-discovery.

What is your proudest coaching moment?

It is hard to pick just one because over the years, I have been blessed with truly magical
moments in my classes. That said, there is a student that has always had a special
place in my heart. When she was a teenager, she was going through a really tough time.
She almost quit and I am so glad she didn’t. We spoke together and I gave her a script
that was almost identical to what she was going through. At first, she didn’t want to do
the scene so I told her we could pick another one, and we did. She came back to class
the next week and said she decided to do the original script. She gave the most raw and
honest performance I have seen to this day. I cried, which, if you know me, you know is
a rare occurrence. I will never forget what she said next. She said, “feeling someone
else’s pain allowed me to heal from my own”. That is probably one of my proudest
moments as a coach.

Kate in a Spotify Commercial

What do you hope that your coaching legacy will be?

I just hope that my students feel a fraction of the pride I feel when I see them succeed. I
am a huge advocate for drama therapy. I have seen the performing arts function as a
platform for healing, confidence, self-actualization, and flat out fun. I aspire to be a coach
that caters to the individual needs of each student I cross paths with.

Kate Leek Bio:

Kate Leek has been working in the entertainment industry for nearly twenty
years. She has worked and trained as an actor, singer and dancer in the
Southeast, Los Angeles, and New York markets. Kate began her performance journey at the Actor’s Scene when she was eight years old and her endeavor as a performer led her to her true passion for coaching.
She has been coaching actors, singers, and dancers for ten years. Kate feels
such pride and joy from her client’s successes. Some notable projects her
clients have appeared in include, “Stranger Things”, “The Vampire Diaries”,
“Dear Evan Hanson”, “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, “Salem”, “XO, Kitty”, as
well as starring as Simba in the Broadway tour of “The Lion King”.
Kate has her BA in Anthropology from Georgia State University where she
conducted a research project and published a thesis about Drama Therapy,
particularly in adolescents. It is her belief that the performing arts not only
serve as an artistic outlet, but as a form of healing and growth that nourishes
our minds. Her passion for educating actors is evident in her detailed
approach that specifically caters to each individual performer.
In addition to this, she is a mother to a two-year-old boy and is currently
obtaining her degree as a registered respiratory therapist.


Would you like to take classes with Coach Kate?

In addition to a variety of private coaching appointments and singing lessons, you will find her teaching our Foundations, Improv, and Working Actor classes. 

To sign up for a class with Coach Kate, give us a call at:


To sign up for a private lesson with Coach Kate, click HERE

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Student Highlight: Jordyn McIntosh

Student Highlight: Jordyn McIntosh

Get to know TAS student, Jordyn McIntosh, and hear about her recent success!

Periodically The Actor’s Scene likes to reach out to students and chronicle their success in the industry. Case and point: Jordyn McIntosh. Here’s what Jordyn has to say…

Hey Jordyn! We are so excited to speak with you! Let's start at the beginning, tell us what made you want to become an actress.

I was getting into trouble at school with not being able to stay focused in class and being a distraction to others. One of my teachers suggested that I channel that energy into something like theater/acting as it would give me the opportunity to settle myself and refocus my thoughts. I took up some workshops and short classes at a local theater and fell in love.

What drives you to stick with acting?

I get to meet new people (some cool famous ones too!), have fun while on set, and I also get to try new things. I enjoy getting the chance to play different roles and use my improv skills learned at TAS when the camera is rolling.

Jordyn playing the role of Maya in ‘The Storied Life of AJ Fikry’.

What is something that surprised you about working on a set?

I was surprised at how big the inside of the sound stages are. And how much detail goes into building/making it look so realistic. It made me feel like I was really in that scene.  

What are some of your favorite acting moments?

In my new series, while shooting the Pilot, I was supposed to act frustrated. While I was doing that, one of my earrings fell out and it was hilarious. I was throwing up and my hands and knocked it out of my ear.

That is too funny! How did you get back into character after something silly happened on set?

 I calmed down by breathing, closing my eyes and bringing back my character to the set.

"I had the chance to work with the lead actress in my new series (can’t wait to share!), and we shared a scene together that the director wanted to see me acting sad. She whispered to me to "close my eyes and to make yourself feel like you are sinking into the seat. Allow the weight to make your face feel heavy/gloomy, like quicksand."

Tell us Jordyn, what makes you feel confident?

When I am done practicing my lines, I anticipate the feedback and any notes provided to help me get better. I am always proud of my delivery but the notes help me improve and I feel so confident that the scene is better.  

That is awesome, Jordyn! What is one of the most helpful notes you have received from a director, coach, or casting director that has stuck with you?

In my new series coming out, I had a scene with the lead character that need to be more sad. She told me to close my eyes and allow myself to fell heavy. To imagine something weighing me down. Allow my eyes to feel heavy. And when I opened my eyes, it transformed that scene. 

Do you have any acting projects coming up?

Emancipation starring Will Smith has been postponed to 2023. The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry film starring Kunal Nayyar and Lucy Hale due to release in fall of 2022. New Hulu series due to release in fall of 2022, more details to come!

Jordyn playing the role of young Sasha Obama in ‘The First Lady’.

What would be your dream project?

I would love to be a part of a Harry Potter remake or get the chance to work Emma Watson on any project would just be awesome!

Of all the cool elements of Harry Potter, what would be your favorite part of going to Hogwarts if you could go in real life?

I would love to actually play Quidditch. I would be able to fly a broom and catch the golden snitch. It looks so fun in the movies, like, why not!?

IMG_4111 (1)

Parent's Corner

We are very honored to hear from Jordyn's parents, Kyle and Ashley McIntosh! They have some great advice for the parents of child actors, and we are thankful for their insight. Read on to hear what they have to say.

Hey Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh! Thank you for taking the time to speak to us! What advice do you have for parents of new young actors just getting started?

DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I cannot stress enough the importance of doing your research on any CD, Director, production, acronym, acting jargon, event, acting school/classes or manager. There is so much information out there that simply is not written in a “How-To” book for parents with young actors. Follow various CD’s/production company’s/acting tip pages on social media to have unlimited access to resources and build your network. 

Is there any system that you have found to be especially helpful?

We learned early on to not compare success of other actors to Jordyn’s…it will absolutely stress you out wondering if your kid is doing well compared to others. What is for her is for her, and it will come when it comes. Patience has rewarded Jordyn with really cool opportunities. 

I'm sure that that's easier said than done! What tips do you have for other parents looking to avoid the comparison game in the industry?

We have quickly learned (and listened) that selection for roles is based on so many variable factors that you simply cannot isolate to just one. Someone could have the look, skill, availability, geographic location, agent, etc. You simply cannot stress the unknowns. Continue to train, continue to learn, and knock out every audition with intention!

Tell us what makes it all worth it? Why do you keep going, even when things get hard?

It’s one of the most satisfying things to get that “You booked it!” email from your agent/manager and to see your child’s reaction to their hard work paying off. It is just as rewarding when you can tell they are on set having the times of their lives enjoying their moments and feeling a sense of accomplishment when they deliver their lines beautifully. 

You can follow Jordyn!

Check out her:



Actor’s Access Profile

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The Value of a Good Acting Coach

The Value of a Good Acting Coach

Who do you have in your corner?

Are Acting Coaches Still Relevant?

There is no denying that we live in an era of instant information and detached social communities. While there are many benefits to our fast paced society, there are also a lot of important needs that can get overlooked. With smart phones, actors today can easily find a wealth of knowledge right at the tips of their fingers. But are these fast and free resources enough to help an actor succeed? The answer is simple: NO.

While we encourage actors to locate and follow free, legitimate, online resources (such as the ones that we provide our students on our free Resource Center), nothing takes the place of a professional acting coach and a community.

Classrooms settings allow actors the opportunity to learn new skills from an experienced teacher, receive ongoing feedback, make sure their tools (such as their resume, demo reel, headshots, etc.) are up to date and attractive to industry reps, receive encouragement, and make connections from other actors in the local community.

But there is another element of coaching that can be vastly underrated. And that element is MENTORSHIP.

In fact, there are some reading this that may not even know what a mentor is!

So let us break it down for you:

MENTOR: An Experienced And Trusted Advisor

A mentor may share with a protégé (or student) information about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling. A mentor may help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources.

Credit Source:

Attending a Showcase gives actors the opportunity to be seen by multiple agents, and other VIP’s, at the same time!

You can read all the books, watch all the movies, search out all the tips that Youtube has to offer, and you will still not even come close to the value of having a professional coach on your side.

In fact, if you think about the most epic adventure stories you will realize that the ending would be very different without the aid of a mentor. Where would Harry be without Dumbledore? Where would Frodo be without Gandalf? Luke without Yoda? Daniel without Mr. Miyagi?

Yes, these stories are fiction, but they touch on something that each of us know we need and crave: Connection. We cannot do it alone. We need guidance, we need wisdom, we need someone who can challenge us and help us rise up to meet our potential. We need someone to partner with us and comb through the multitude of options and opportunities to make the right choice.

At The Actor’s Scene, we have built our entire business on this model. We don’t just offer classes- but a whole host of options for working actors to identify and achieve their dreams. What does that look like?

  • A broad range of dynamic programs catered to every skill level.
  • Seminars and training opportunities for new actors to become more knowledgeable about the film industry.
  • A variety of private lesson options.
  • Professional and audition taping services.
  • A free Resource Center with articles and videos to enhance learning at every level
  • VIP showcase with opportunities to book work or sign with an agent/manager!

A mentor EMPOWERS a person to see a possible future, and BELIEVE it can be obtained.

So What Does Mentorship Look Like at TAS?

It looks like:

-Having a coach that listens to your goals and helps you see a clear path to attain them.

-Having someone that is willing to share their experiences and years’ worth of lessons with you.

-Having a clearly laid out lesson plan that is formulated to help you get the most out of your studies. 

-Having someone provide clear, personalized, feedback in an uplifting and positive way. 

-Having a coach that can identify the factors holding you back and give you the tools needed to break free.

-Having someone who can provide you with empowering resources and a network of like-minded individuals.

-Having someone encourage and inspire you through the many ups and downs of your journey.

-Having someone celebrate your every success.

Your career is too important to walk out alone.

Acting Class is a great place to learn new skills and industry terms from a working professional

Make Sure You Find The Right Coach And Invite Them Into Your Story.

Here is what our students are saying:

“Before I used to do it on my own, but now I’m with The Actor’s Scene and my coach, and they motivate me. Now I have my goals set and a clear pathway. I get constructive criticism, which I never got when I was on my own. But when I get a critique from my coach it helps me so much more!” -Samira Bello

“I’ve gained confidence with acting. Before I knew I wanted to act but didn’t know where to start or what to do with it. But with your help I understand better, and I now know what I want to do.” -Ella Lavi

“This class has stretched (my daughter’s) skills. It gave her a lot of the foundation and background she uses in her acting. Not in a simple way, but really the nuts and bolts we needed.”-Terry Franz

“I was very nervous when I first started (taking classes) because everything was so new to me, but my coach was so encouraging and helpful all throughout the class. She really took the effort to look at me specifically and what I was doing well, and if I needed to improve on something, she would lovingly point it out and help me get better by practical exercises. Also, she is just a genuinely kind-hearted person. I have had to miss a few classes because of personal struggles, and she cared for me on a personal level”. -Miriam Motz

“My end-of-the-year shout out is to my coach. He was great and taught me a lot of helpful things, as well as helped to develop me as a speaker and an actor. Coming out of the class, I know a lot more about the business side of acting, how set up for a taped audition and how to execute a character better than I did before going in to the class. Also it was very fun having him as a teacher and I’m very glad I got to work with him.” –Connor Hayes

Ready to get started? Reach out today!



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About The Author

Elizabeth Alcaraz

Elizabeth has been a member of the TAS family since 2004. She is honored to have served in many roles at TAS; including: Acting Coach, Marketing Director, Syllabus Coordinator, and now TAS Operations Director. She has a passion for building confidence and purpose through the arts, and is grateful to be a part of a team of Confidence Makers. Elizabeth finds her greatest joy in her faith, her husband, and her daughter (and to be honest- a bowl of creamy mac and cheese). She lives by a simple motto which has served her well over the years: Aim for Excellence, Work with Flexibility, Reflect with Grace. 

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How Do I Get An Agent?

How Do I Get An Agent?

Do I need a Manager? Which one is ‘right’ for me?

Let's Talk About Representation: AKA Agents and Managers

First off, what is the role of an agent and a manager? Before we get into how you can attain representation it is important for you to know what it means- and what it doesn’t mean. Later, we’ll talk about cold-submitting to agencies and management companies. And how TAS can hook you up with an awesome networking opportunity where you’ll get to be seen by agents and managers alike, not only in the Southeast market but in Los Angeles, New York, and all over the country! So let’s get into it…

First And Foremost, What Does An Agent Or Manager Do?

While there are a few differences between the specific roles of an agent and a manager, for the most part, they have the same goal: to connect actors with casting opportunities. Agents and managers build their roster of clients based on what they need at that point in time. For instance, if an agency has 30 people who fit within your “type” (AKA what types of roles you’re auditioning for), they might not want to add you to the roster. This is important to remember because it can feel disheartening sometimes when applying to agencies and not hearing anything back. A lot of the time, the rejection has nothing to do with you and everything to do with what that particular representative is looking for at that time!

Attending a Showcase gives actors the opportunity to be seen by multiple agents, and other VIP’s, at the same time!

So taking it back to the basics, your representative’s (whether that be an agent or a manager) goal is to find auditions for their folks. Once your agent finds an audition you’re right for, they’ll submit you to casting with your headshot and resume. After that, if casting wants to see you audition, your agent will give you the information and help you with any questions or difficulties along the way! Agents and managers also help to negotiate contracts and handle the business side of acting for their clients, ensuring things like fair contracts, making sure you get paid and helping to facilitate travel and other accommodations with the production team.

For the most part, managers are going to be more hands-on than agents. They are more focused on assisting with your career as a whole (in addition to providing you with audition opportunities). Because of this, managers often have fewer clients than agents and therefore can put more individual focus on each actor. When deciding to sign with an agent or manager, make sure that they are a good fit for you! Different agents and managers are going to have different priorities and levels of contact with the actor. Make sure that in your meetings with your potential representation you’re asking any questions you have and ensuring that this partnership is what suits you both best. If you’re confused about the agent meeting process and/or what questions to ask, you can always schedule a Career Coaching session with us HERE!

Having an agent or manager means you have another person (or group of people) on your team. And having a team is awesome. It means that you can work together to achieve one common goal. Remember if you’re successful as an actor, so are they. It’s a great partnership.

Don't Get Scammed...

Because your agent and/or manager (yes, you can have both!) are focused on getting their clients auditions, they make money when you make money. So, if you ever encounter an agency that makes you pay to sign or guarantees booking if you sign with them, that is a scam. Real agents and managers collect a percentage of what you earn from your bookings.

It’s unfortunate that we have to talk about this, but new actors are often the target of scammers. Make sure that when you’re researching agents and managers and working through the submission process, you have a coach or industry professional helping to guide you along the way. Private Career Coaching is a great way to chat out your options before getting locked into a contract. To find a coach who can help you with this next step, schedule HERE.

There are a couple of different types of agencies out there, and the difference is mainly in the size of the client list that they have.

For instance:

  • Boutique agencies are the smallest, these agencies have a select client list so they can be more hands-on with their actors.
  • Bi-coastal agencies, as the name implies, have offices in different markets, for example, an agent might have an Atlanta office and an LA office.
  • Midsize Corporate, this is bigger than a boutique agency and they might carry some bigger names in film, TV, and theatre.
  • Corporate, this is the biggest agency size and they work beyond acting to negotiate distribution, work with international markets, and branding.

(Do Actors Need an Agent, a Manager, or Both? | Backstage)

Your agent is a friend to help you navigate the industry

So What Can You Do?

Now that you know the difference between agents and managers, and know how to avoid scams, let’s go back to the original question…How do you get an agent?

First, let’s talk about submitting to representation. This process is actually easier than it seems, as most agents and managers who are accepting submissions have detailed instructions on their website of what information they want to be sent in and the method of sending that they prefer. For example, some agencies might prefer email over old-school mail. Make sure you are doing your research on agencies before applying, and that you’ve carefully looked over what their submission requirements are. If you’re not seeing a “Submissions” or “New Talent” tab on their website, chances are they aren’t looking for new talent right now. So be respectful if that’s the case and only apply to agencies who are accepting new faces!

Now, in the beginning, we mentioned that The Actor’s Scene can help you out in your search for an agent or manager. On the edge of your seat? At the end of our 32-week On-Camera based programs, we have a showcase where we invite industry professionals from all over the country to watch our students perform. This includes casting directors, production companies, and of course agents and managers. While we don’t guarantee representation, the TAS showcase has had a 97+% callback rate the last 6 years, meaning that many of our students met with and even ended up signing contracts with an agent or manager at the end of their class. It is super important that if you are looking to gain representation you are taking classes and plugged into a studio. Showcase is a natural next step for our beginner students who start with our On-Camera Foundations class, as they get to be seen by agents and managers after completing our 8-month program and learning about the basic acting tools, commercial technique, character building, and even working with scripts! All classes get to participate in the showcase, so no matter what level you are at, we can offer training and advice in addition to this amazing networking opportunity! Don’t miss out if you’re looking to get started in the Atlanta film and TV industry.

Ready to get started? Reach out today!



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About The Author

Molly Pass

Molly Pass is an Atlanta-local actress, acting coach, and wedding videographer who loves to help new and seasoned actors alike find their purpose and passion through performance. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies from Georgia State University and enjoys discussing movies, shows, and all things new media. Her favorite part of working at The Actor’s Scene is being able to inspire folks to pursue their dreams and helping them to gain confidence in themselves along the way. When she is not acting or working in the digital media realm, she enjoys reading murder mysteries and desperately trying to keep a garden alive. 

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How Do I Get My Child On Nickelodeon or Disney?

How Do I Get My Child On Nickelodeon or Disney?

Is it really possible?

One Of The Top Asked Questions Is...

Hello there! If you’ve reached our TAS blog, you or your child might be interested in pursuing a career on Nickelodeon or Disney. If so, you’re not alone. In fact, questions regarding these specific networks make up a majority of our inquiries! That is awesome, but there are some important things to keep in mind. When it comes to making specific career goals for big networks, like Disney or Nickelodeon, there is some good news and some bad news. The “bad” news, first, is that both of these companies follow standard casting procedures. This means that any studio or person guaranteeing to give you opportunities for roles on these networks is likely scamming you.

First, let’s walk through how the standard casting process works, and then let’s chat about how you can increase your chances of being considered for roles on Disney or Nick.

Part One: How Does The Casting Process Work?

Casting is a multi-step process that has a couple of key players. The Casting Director is the person who presents the people in charge, that could be a Producer, Director, or Showrunner, for instance, with a narrowed down selection of people to be considered for a part. So here’s how the process works. When a director or producer needs to cast actors for particular roles, they reach out to the casting director with a breakdown of what they’re looking for. The breakdown typically has a physical description of the character as well as a description of their personality so that casting can select a group of actors who best fit what the decision-makers are looking for.

Casting will then ask Agents or Managers for actors who fit the description, and the agent or manager will send in headshots (professional industry photos) of the actors they want to be considered to the casting director. Sometimes, the casting director will post the breakdown on casting websites such as Actor’s Access, where actors who do not have representation can submit themselves for parts. Then, the casting director will narrow it down by selecting the photos of the people they think most clearly work for the particular character and will tell the agent or manager to ask those particular actors to audition (or in the case of a self-submitted headshot, casting will directly ask those actors to audition via email). After the initial audition, casting narrows it down by performance quality and might even hold a callback or two to further reduce the size of the list. Once they have made their final cuts, the casting director will present the director or producer with a smaller group of actors to choose from, and the people in charge will select the actor they want for the role.

All dreams start in the audition room. Are you prepared to audition for your dream role when it comes along?

Part Two: Goal Setting for Actors - What Can YOU Control?

What does this mean for actors? As you can see, the actor doesn’t have much autonomy in the casting process, which means that we can’t base our industry goals on bookings or even the amount of auditions that we get. Because of this, actors should focus on goals within their control, such as:

  • Taking a new class that you know will challenge you
  • Working with a private one-on-one coach to help you work on a particular skill or acting method
  • Working on building your submission packet by building your resume and getting nice, professional headshots
  • Leveling up your self-tape setup or finding a studio to tape your auditions at
  • Submitting regularly for roles you fit the description of

Goal #1: Taking Classes

Whether you’re a brand-new actor or someone who’s been in the industry for a while, training is the most important investment an actor can make. You want to make sure that you are constantly expanding and up-leveling your toolkit as an actor, and that includes skills and techniques that you can work on in a group class or with a private instructor. Taking classes is a big key to growing in your acting journey. For beginners at The Actor’s Scene, we recommend our On-Camera Foundations class, which runs from August-May and can be taken either online via Zoom or in person at our Buford, Georgia location. In this class, students of all ages will learn acting basics such as the four acting tools, commercial techniques, how to create characters, and get to work with scripts!

If you’ve been working in the industry and want more of a focus on auditioning and on-set etiquette, we recommend our Working Actor program: The Taped Audition and Script & Set Study, which is a two-part course designed to help actors feel more confident in their self-tape game, and know exactly what to do on set.

If you’re an advanced actor with many years of industry experience, we offer Meisner and Beyond, a deep dive into classical techniques with the goal of maximizing an actor’s technique and guide them into building an acting brand. 

For more information about about our various acting programs, please click HERE. You can also give our friendly office staff a call and they will assist you in finding the perfect fit. 

Goal #2: Working With A Private Coach

A great way to get personalized training that is customized exactly to what you need is to work with a private coach! Our private coaches at The Actor’s Scene offer a couple of different one-on-one options. You can get this individualized instruction in-studio at our Buford location, OR online! Click HERE for more info.

We have:

The New Actor Bootcamp– If you or your child is just getting started with film acting, we offer the New Actor Bootcamp which is a 3 hour-long session with one of our awesome acting coaches who walk you through the very basics of the Atlanta film industry and how to get started on your acting journey! This time is customized to you/your child and the coach will meet you exactly where you are, answering any questions you may have along the way.

Career Coaching– If you feel stuck at where you are with your acting career, you can sit down with a coach to help you figure out the next right step. The coach can work with you to figure out what’s going well, what you need to work on, and how to set and reach your industry goals!

Skill Building (General) Private Lessons- If there’s a particular skill or technique that you or your student need more help with, working with a private coach is a great way to have individualized instruction that works at your pace to help you improve! Another bonus of regular private lessons is having a go-to person for all your industry questions since you’ll see your coach on a regular basis.

And we now offer Vocal Private Lessons! 

For more information and/or to schedule your private coaching session, click HERE.

Even in my dreams of being an actor, my dream was not in the celebrity. My dream was in the work that I wanted to do.

Goal #3: Build Up Your Submission Materials

Whether you’re looking to get plugged into an agency/management company or you’re hoping to start auditioning for projects to gain industry experience first, you need to make sure you have great headshots and a resume. Even if your resume so far is just your training, that is totally okay! Headshots and a resume are the materials that casting gets to see when they decide whether or not they would like for you to audition for a part. This is why making sure our headshots and resumes look super professional is so important! If you need help crafting your resume or want feedback on which headshots to use on your profiles (or even need help setting up your profiles on casting websites such as Actor’s Access and Backstage), you can schedule a Career Coaching Session HERE.

Goal #4: Level Up Your Self Tape Setup And Find A Studio To Tape At.

Ideally, all of your auditions will be taped in a studio space such as the awesome audition taping studio we have at The Actor’s Scene. However, we know that auditions can come in at short notice, the taping room might be full on the day/time that you need it, and at the end of the day, a lot of folks are looking to save money when it comes to auditioning, since the booking is not guaranteed. This is why having a good self-tape setup at home is super necessary!

Here are the things to prioritize in your self-tape setup:

-A Camera With A Tripod (even if it’s a phone!): You read that right. As long as your smartphone records in at least 720p, you should be able to use it for filming! No need to buy an expensive camera if you already have one in your back pocket. You can buy a special tripod to hold your phone too, like THIS ONE from Amazon. Just make sure if you’re using your phone that you are shooting horizontally, not vertically.

-Good Lighting: Casting needs to be able to SEE you and your awesome performance. Umbrella lights are a great, user-friendly way to have professional quality lighting in your home.

-Good Audio Quality: Just like the second point, casting also needs to HEAR your performance and your lines! If you’re recording at home, make sure there is no additional noise in the house. Let your dog play in the backyard, warn your roommates and/or family, and make sure that there is no distracting background noise on your tape.

-A Plain, Solid Backdrop: Whether it’s a blank wall, a sheet you attached to the wall with push pins, or a professional-quality backdrop with a stand, we want your background to be plain and non-distracting. Gray is a great color that compliments all skin tones!

If you aren’t able to tape at home or you just want some professional coaching along with an industry-standard, beautiful audition tape, book an audition taping appointment with us HERE.

Goal #5: Submit Yourself!

As long as you have your headshots, resume, and accounts on casting websites such as Actors Access, Backstage, and Casting Networks, you’re able to submit yourself for projects! Lower budget projects such as student films and unpaid shorts are a great way for new actors to get experience, resume builders, as well as clips for a demo reel! You can also submit yourself for projects like feature films, commercials, and/or television shows. If you’d like help navigating the world of self-submissions and at-home auditions, you can book a Career Coaching session, virtually or in-person, HERE.

You are not alone! By partnering with an acting coach you are investing in your journey.

In Conclusion...

In conclusion, we can’t guarantee that you’ll make it big on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. But we want you to know that you can achieve industry success by making tangible goals for yourself and following through with them! We hope that you feel more confident in taking the next right step in your acting journey. 

Ready to get started? Reach out today!



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About The Author

Molly Pass

Molly Pass is an Atlanta-local actress, acting coach, and wedding videographer who loves to help new and seasoned actors alike find their purpose and passion through performance. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies from Georgia State University and enjoys discussing movies, shows, and all things new media. Her favorite part of working at The Actor’s Scene is being able to inspire folks to pursue their dreams and helping them to gain confidence in themselves along the way. When she is not acting or working in the digital media realm, she enjoys reading murder mysteries and desperately trying to keep a garden alive. 

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How Do I Become An Actor?

How Do I Become An Actor?

5 Easy Steps That Anyone Can Do To Start Their Acting Journey

If You’re Looking To Get Started...

As an actor in the film and TV industry, you’re in the right place. The Actor’s Scene, located in the greater Atlanta area, is a studio for newbies and seasoned pros alike! We believe that ANYONE can jump into the industry as long as you have patience and a great work ethic! You might be thinking “That’s great, but I don’t know the first thing about getting started in the industry”, and that’s where we come in.

Step One: Start Training

No matter how long they’ve been at it, actors are constantly training to improve their skill sets. So you’re probably already guessing it, but becoming an actor starts with training. Yes, there are steps further down the line, such as getting headshots and a resume and an agent, but everything starts with taking classes or getting a private coach.

For beginners, we recommend our On-Camera Foundations class, a 32-week course offered from August-May which can be taken online or in-studio at our Buford, Georgia location. Starting with a course such as On-Camera Foundations will help you get introduced to the world of on-camera acting. You’ll learn about the basic acting tools, how to build a character, commercial acting techniques, how to work with a script, and more! And an amazing component of our 32-week classes is the end-of-year showcase, which gives students the opportunity to perform for industry VIPs such as agents, managers, casting directors, and local production offices. Not only will you get 32 weeks of training from a working industry professional, but in the end, you will be able to make connections with other VIPs that can help you get to your next career step!


So if you want to become an actor, step one is training.

Step Two: Get Professional Headshots.

What’s next? After signing up for a class and getting plugged into a studio that believes in you, step two is getting professional headshots. Why are headshots important, and what do they look like? Well, headshots are what casting sees to decide whether or not they want to have you audition for a role. Whether you are submitting yourself for a role or having an agent or manager submit on your behalf, casting needs to see what you look like to decide whether or not they’d like to see you read for a particular role. Above are some awesome headshot examples from some of our TAS students and alumni!

Professional headshots should look LIKE YOU. We don’t want a super glammed-up version of you, casting wants to see what you actually look like so that they can decide whether or not they can see you in a certain type of role. There are many amazing local headshot photographers in the Atlanta area. One of the headshot artists we recommend is Michael Justice at Hollywood Headshots!

No matter who you go with, you want headshots that:

-Look like you

-Are well-lit/professional quality

-Have YOU as the central focus with the background blurred out

This will help ensure that your headshots are accurate to what you look like now, and will give casting an idea of what roles they can ask you to audition for.

I say luck is when opportunity comes along and you are prepared for it.

Step Three: Build Your Resume.

Alrighty, now you are taking classes and you have awesome headshots. The next step is to create a profile on a casting website such as Actor’s Access or Backstage. Believe it or not, you don’t need an agent to submit for projects, especially smaller budget shoots like student films! Student films and unpaid shorts are an awesome way to build up your resume before applying to agencies or management. So the natural next step after training and having awesome, professional photos is to build up your resume. Applying to and auditioning for smaller projects is a great way to gain on-set experience, further work on your craft, and get resume credits/demo reel footage. Your demo reel is an edited video containing clips from projects you’ve worked on, so for example you could have a scene from a short film you were in be a part of your reel!

If you need help setting up your profiles, submitting for roles, or crafting your resume, we offer private, personalized Career Coaching at The Actor’s Scene! Click this LINK to learn more and book your one-on-one session with one of our amazing industry pros!

You are not alone on your acting journey! Partner with your acting coach to achieve success.

Step Four: Submit for Representation.

This step doesn’t have to be hard! If you’re enrolled in a class at The Actor’s Scene, the end-of-year showcase is a great opportunity to get connected to agents and managers, both in the Southeast as well as the Los Angeles and New York markets! Performing in a showcase does not guarantee signing with an agent or manager, but it’s an awesome networking opportunity as well as a chance to be seen by these VIPs who might just be looking for someone exactly like you! You can also cold-submit to agencies, and most have their preferences as far as submissions on their website, so be sure to check out what they ask for from new talent before submitting anything!


This is another thing that Career Coaching can help you out with. If you’d like to meet with someone to discuss your submission materials and possibly help you apply for agencies, schedule a SESSION today!

Step Five: Don’t Give Up!

Listen, it sounds silly, but persistence and believing in yourself are some of the major keys to success in this business. You’re going to hear a LOT more ‘No’ than ‘Yes’ as an actor, and that is 100% okay. Please don’t compare your success to others who are close to you in age or experience. Everyone’s acting journey is unique and the timing will likely not be as fast as you’re hoping. Focus on your own path and continue to gain confidence in yourself and your abilities through training, learning from your mistakes, and growing through all of the different seasons of your career. You’ve got this. We’re rooting for you!


If you have any questions or would like a one-on-one consultation about how to start your acting journey, please reach out to us! We have private coaches who would love to do a Career Coaching private lesson with you that is 100% tailored to you and your needs at whatever stage of your acting journey that you might be in. For more information on our classes, showcase, or private Career Coaching, please check out our website at (The Actor’s Scene ( We look forward to seeing you soon!

Ready to get started? Reach out today!



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About The Author

Molly Pass

Molly Pass is an Atlanta-local actress, acting coach, and wedding videographer who loves to help new and seasoned actors alike find their purpose and passion through performance. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies from Georgia State University and enjoys discussing movies, shows, and all things new media. Her favorite part of working at The Actor’s Scene is being able to inspire folks to pursue their dreams and helping them to gain confidence in themselves along the way. When she is not acting or working in the digital media realm, she enjoys reading murder mysteries and desperately trying to keep a garden alive. 

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