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Actor Track

This class equips the intentional actor with the knowledge to become a working actor in the industry.

Are you interested in signing up for The Working Actor Track at The Actor’s Scene? Check out these videos to see which class is right for you. Coach Leah Merritt breaks down Working Actor Year One and Coach Rick Goins breaks down Working Actor Year Two. 

About the Class

Year One

Working Actor Year 1 is intended for students who have completed Acting Foundations OR who have agents AND previous ongoing classes elsewhere.

In year 1, emphasis is placed on delving deeper into the audition and on-camera process. Actors learn to break down and analyze scripts and develop an audition “template.” Focus on choosing goals, tactics, and moment before & after are foundational aspects of script analysis. Set knowledge as well as eye acting, continuity, and physicality are also taught in year 1.

Year Two

Working Actor Year 2 is for those who have already taken Working Track Year 1 or equivalent elsewhere (knowledge of how to break down a script, understanding objectives, goals, tactics, moment before/after, etc.)

Working Actor Year 2 is all about the taped audition! This is a MUST class for any actor based in the Southeast, as 95% of all auditions are completed by tape. The taped audition has become a special skill that is VITAL for every southeast-based actor to master.

This nine-month series focuses on all the details actors have to achieve to present an impressive taped audition. If your tape isn’t professional – in video quality AND acting quality, your audition will likely not move forward. Don’t let that happen to you.

After eight months of weekly practice—how can you NOT be a pro?
If you are a serious actor, you SHOULD take this class.

After the first month, actors will tape every week in class. Each month, a new concept will be introduced and practiced so the actor can master the art of the taped audition.

Working Actor Junior

For Actors Aged 5-8 Years Old

Working Actor Junior:
Course Description

The Working Year Junior Track at The Actor’s Scene is a perfect fit for actors who have completed the Foundations of Acting course but are still too young to participate in the Working Actor Track, which is for ages nine and up. Working Year Junior builds on the skills learned in Foundations and introduces new concepts that work with young minds to expand acting and industry knowledge at a slower pace. 

Special Note:

This program is specifically designed to prepare young actors to enter our main Working Actor program at age nine.

Once a student is old enough to enroll in the Working Actor Track, it will be recommended that they take the course as it is much more in depth and challenging for older actors.

Working Actor Junior:
Year One

The concepts covered in this course include:

– Focus
– Eyelines
– Two-Takes
– Moment Before and Moment After
– Interview Technique

Working Actor Junior:
Year Two

The concepts covered in this course include:

– Movement and Physicality
– Establishing Goals
– Setting/Atmosphere
– Taking Direction
– Audition and Callback Etiquette

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