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Acting Foundations

If you are brand-new actor or a beginner in film-style acting, Acting Foundations is for you.

Getting Started

Acting Foundations provides practical acting techniques for new actors. While universal acting concepts such as motivation, objective, and commercial techniques are introduced, real-world skills; such as focus, observation, memorization, teamwork and problem-solving, are also learned in this foundational program.


Are you interested in signing up for the Foundations Track at The Actor’s Scene? Check out this video, featuring Coach Molly Pass, to find out if Foundations is right for you. 

About the Class

Acting Foundations helps students get a grasp on the foundational concepts necessary to launch a successful acting career. With monthly recordings, regular feedback, industry seminars, and coach support, our students are ready to approach their future with the knowledge and confidence needed to shine. 


Goals of Acting Foundations:


  • Learn beginner concepts of acting techniques and entertainment industry
  • Set workable goals for your future in acting – whether you want it to be a hobby, side hustle, or your career
  • Gain an understanding of introductory audition expectations and format
  • Learn basic scene work and commercial techniques
  • Gain a foundation in the basics of improvisation and characterization

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