TAS Showcase 2024

TAS Showcase 2024

A recap of this year’s Showcase from our coaches and staff!

Taking classes through The Actor’s Scene breeds confidence in actors by giving them a thorough education. Students learn acting techniques and skills while also learning how to navigate the business side of acting.

Classes are available one-on-one in Career or Private Coaching or in a group for our 32-week classes. BUT the most exciting thing students get out of taking classes at TAS is the opportunity to participate in Showcase. 

What is Showcase? 

Showcase is a time to celebrate our students’ growth and accomplishments and get them one step closer to their dreams. Each year students in our 32-week film based classes work on a specific audition piece: some do original commercials, some do monologues, others perform full scenes. They practice in class for several weeks with the help of their coach to get their piece ready. They then get to tape in the TAS Taping Room for a hearty list of VIPs from the industry. This list includes top talent agents, managers, and casting directors both here in the southeast and beyond, like LA, New York, and more! 

While Showcase does not guarantee placement and/or bookings, we are proud to present this opportunity to all of our students as a way to grow their confidence, knowledge , and industry prowess.

This year we had almost 200 participants in Showcase and 30 VIPs. Once the VIPs have watched everyone’s Showcase piece, Callbacks occur. Showcase Callbacks provide a chance for the VIP agents/managers to see if the student is a good fit and for Casting to see more of what their talent consists of.  (Note that these are a bit different from typical callbacks. For more information on true Callbacks, check out April’s blog HERE: Conquering Callbacks with Coach Jeanne).  

This year we had an unbelievable 98% percent callback rate. AMAZING WORK! 

A special thanks to our interns and Showcase team that made our big day(s) a success! There are so many moving pieces to host a stellar showcase season, and it would not be possible without the people who give 100% behind the scenes to keep everything smooth. Thank you!

Congratulations to everyone who achieved their Showcase goals this year! We look forward to taking our students to the next level in our 2024/25 classes!

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Kirsten Krehbiel is an Atlanta based actress, director, and writer who enjoys bringing people new truths through the art of storytelling. She has a love of acting both on camera and on stage, having been lucky enough to be a part of incredible productions in both worlds. Kirsten joined the TAS team in 2020 as a coach, a job she loves because it lets her watch first hand as students grow and gain self confidence as actors. When she is not creating or coaching, you can find Kirsten hanging out with her grumpy cat on their back porch. 

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TAS Showcase 2024

A recap of this year’s Showcase from our coaches and staff! Taking classes through The Actor’s Scene breeds confidence in actors by giving them a

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