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Nicolle has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Nicolle’s resume encompasses many different facets of Hollywood: film/television/theatre acting, casting, the owner of the Actor’s Scene acting studio, and of course, talent management. Nicolle’s personal management clients include credits on major television shows like Hannah Montana, Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal MInds, The Young Pope, dozens of national commercials, and Broadway’s The Lion King.

Nicolle opened TAS in 2003 because she was passionate about providing a safe and affordable environment for kids and adults to explore the world of acting. She desires all students to feel like they are celebrated for who they are and to understand it’s their unique characteristics that help them to be successful. Nicolle ensures that both the curriculum and coaches at TAS foster that positive environment. 

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Elizabeth developed a passion for performance at an early age. Her childhood and teenage highlights revolved around every performance, class, and club that allowed her to become the most confident version of herself. In 2004, as a Theatre major of Gainesville College and student of Brenau University, Elizabeth was invited to a TAS class by her college roommate. Always up for an artistic challenge, she decided to give film acting a try- and the rest is history.

Over the years, Elizabeth has loved being a part of every aspect of TAS- from office administration, to coaching, to syllabus development, and market research. She spent 6 years as the Summer Camp Director, boasts the launching and management of multiple TAS programs, managing the TAS charity wing, and was honored to serve 14 years as the studio’s Marketing Director. Now, as the TAS Director of Operations, she is privileged to spend each week overseeing and maximizing all elements of the studio; from coaches, to programs, to website, to client relationships, and internships (which she takes very seriously, as she was one of the very first TAS Interns back in 2005!).

There is nothing Elizabeth loves more than seeing our students thrive and grow into the most confident version of themselves. And it is her deepest hope, and greatest pleasure, to be a part of the many success stories that are born at The Actor’s Scene. 

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Leah Merritt, office mANAGER & coach

Born in Mississippi but raised in Memphis, TN, Leah first fell in love with performing through a community theatre’s production of Annie. When her family relocated to Atlanta right before her starting high school, a quick google search for “acting classes” landed her at the door of The Actor’s Scene. She took all the classes TAS offered at the time, gained her first agent through the VIP Showcase, and has been working in the Atlanta film industry ever since! She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from the University of Georgia, where her studies helped her discover another passion of hers: teaching. After finishing school, she couldn’t wait to return to The Actor’s Scene to share everything she had learned!
Flash forward a few years, and Leah has been named Office Manager, spending her time refining our course materials, organizing our Showcase, and building bonds with the students and families that come through our doors every day. In 2023, with the help of her husband and videographer, Adam Breazeale, the two of them developed our On Set Experience program- a hands-on filmmaking course Leah had always dreamed of taking as a young teen all those years ago. She is passionate about the Atlanta film community and hopes to help a new generation of filmmakers tell their own stories!

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Lisa is an Atlanta native and graduated magna cum laude from UNG in Dahlonega with a BBA. She spent ten years in banking as a Vice President with Bank of America, where she was a top-producing Relationship Manager. Later, she managed a nationally-ranked team in the bank’s Professional and Executive division. She has worked and served in nonprofits for almost 30 years, establishing and leading church ministries and co-founding a YMCA program for adults with disabilities in 1992, where she currently volunteers as Program Coordinator. Lisa and her family have always loved experiencing the arts, especially stage, dance, film and music. She has been so appreciative of this opportunity to work in the positive and creative environment at TAS. It’s been especially fun for her to hear the stories–and see the growth and success–of so many talented children, teens and adults!

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Molly Pass has been acting since 2007, when she heard an ad for The Actors Scene on the radio (wow, throwback!) and decided to start taking classes! She has been represented by Houghton Talent for over 15 years and has been lucky enough to work on commercials for big names like Home Depot, Chase, and The Boys and Girls Club as well as starring in projects for Tyler Perry Studios, Ameba TV, and more. Molly graduated in Georgia State University’s class of 2021, holding her Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Studies.

Since she’s lived in Georgia all of her life, Molly is super grateful for the Atlanta film industry boom and loves to encourage and uplift aspiring ATL actors and filmmakers to go for their dreams! She remembers her days as a TAS student going through the program and says that, beyond learning how to hone her acting craft, she gained so much confidence through taking classes, and knows that she wouldn’t be the person she is today without the kind words and support of her former coaches. She hopes to carry on the tradition of inspiring and elevating her students’ self-confidence and people skills through helping them learn and practice new acting techniques!

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Rodrick “Rick” Goins, can be seen as Frank Phunn on the Fish 104.7’s web series “Meet The Phunns.” Rick started his career as an actor in New York performing in several Off-Broadway productions and portraying the Tin Man on a national tour of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” for three seasons.  He lived in Los Angeles appearing in several film and television programs including “Less Than Perfect” with Sherri Sheppard and Zach Levi.   Earlier in his career, he co-founded a Christian Improv Comedy troupe, “Fishes & Loaves,” which toured the nation and Canada. Most recently, he added “Producer” to his resume producing both the feature film “A Cry For Justice” and the nightly talk show “Atlanta Live on WATC TV-57.


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As a child, Jeanne was incredibly shy; however, she always knew that she wanted to be on the big screen one day! As she grew older, she noticed that everyone’s childhood dreams began to diminish – as did hers – from fear of not being successful or having unrealistic expectations. This led her to follow society’s demands to go to college where she received her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice. Although she loved her major, she realized how much her mind has always been against society’s standards; consequently, she mustered the courage to go against them. Jeanne has artistic passion that sees beauty in all arts: acting, fashion, dance, modeling, etc. Little by little, she started putting herself in situations where she would have to step out of her comfort zone and do things that would force her to get over her shyness.

She started taking up dance more seriously than just a hobby and entered clubs for modeling and dance. After college she began doing a lot of extra work and realized she had a stronger love for film than she imagined. She began realizing how much of an art acting truly is. She not only was in love with the acting aspects of film, but also in the creation of films, where she could be the mastermind behind all of the intrinsic details! she took her career in this direction and landed her first two speaking roles where she played lead characters.But she didn’t stop at just film. She has booked fashion shows, an online commercial for a medical spa, and a recent print gig for a line of sunglasses and more. Jeanne also teaches modeling and personal development to teenage girls. She hopes to inspire them come out of their shells so that they may break down barriers to free themselves to do what they love every day. Currently, she is working on a fashion blog that she expects will evolve to filmmaking that will incorporate music as storytelling and fashion as a cinematic art. She hopes that these will be the stepping stones for those who are too afraid to show the world their creative ideas.

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Kirsten Krehbiel

Kirsten began acting as a teenager in her small Kansas high school. The love she found for performing fueled her to get her degree in Performing Arts from Tabor College. Her two biggest passions are acting and teaching which brings her great joy to be a part of The Acting Scene’s coaching staff. She loves watching students discover and grow in their own unique talents.

Since moving to Atlanta, Kirsten has discovered new passions within the acting industry. Sketch comedy has been a big one for her. She loves making people laugh on stage with Sketchworks Comedy and through videos with her group Feminine Odor. After years of writing shorts for herself, Kirsten is also thrilled to have started her writing journey with TAS as the blog writer and syllabus creator. When she is not creating or teaching, you can find her snuggled up with her cat and a good book

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Kristi Taylor

Kristi Taylor is originally from the DFW are in Texas. She graduated with honors from Texas Wesleyan University in 2013 with a BA in Theatre and English minor. Her areas of emphasis were Performance, Directing, and Playwriting. Kristi moved to the Atlanta area in 2016 and has made a successful career in the Film/music/Theatre industries. She has over 25 years of experience and is excited to see what she can bring to The Actor’s Scene.

If you’d like to see more information regarding her career, please visit Kristi Taylor – IMDb or her private page http://www.kristi-taylor-actress.com. Links to view/listen to her Album entitled UNTANGLED and single SANTA BABY are available through iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, tidal…etc.


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Kate Leek

Kate Leek has been working in the entertainment industry for nearly twenty years. She has worked and trained as an actor, singer, and dancer in the Southeast, Los Angeles, and New York markets. Kate began her performance journey at the Actor’s Scene when she was eight years old and her endeavor as a performer led her to her true passion for coaching.

She has been coaching actors, singers, and dancers for ten years. Kate feels such pride and joy from her client’s successes. Some notable projects her clients have appeared in include, “Stranger Things”, “XO Kitty”, “Life of Beth”, “The Vampire Diaries”, “Dear Evan Hanson”, “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, “Salem”, as well as starring as Simba in the Broadway tour of “The Lion King”.

Kate has her BA in Anthropology from Georgia State University where she conducted a research project and published a thesis about Drama Therapy, particularly in adolescents. It is her belief that the performing arts not only serve as an artistic outlet, but as a form of healing and growth that nourishes our minds. Her passion for educating actors is evident in her detailed approach that specifically caters to each individual performer. Kate is a Registered Respiratory Therapist at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital during her weeks and balances her work life by staying connected to the arts as an acting coach.

In addition to this, she is a mother to an almost four-year-old boy and resides in Lawrenceville. Kate is so excited and honored to be coaching at the Actor’s Scene where her career began.

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Adam is an actor and filmmaker who has grown up here in Georgia. He graduated from the University of North Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Film and Digital Media Production. He is an award winning filmmaker, having won the Best Student Film Award for his first short, and been a nominee for multiple other shorts. Adam has worked on many different sets as both an actor and a leading crew position. Taking on roles such as Director, Cinematographer, Sound Mixer, Gaffer, Production Assistant, and more, he has a wide range of experience in and around a film set. When he isn’t on set, he likes to cuddle with his cat Zelda, play Dungeons and Dragons, or broaden his horizons by consuming new media. He believes in the talent and abilities of the Georgia film market, and wants to help create an environment where every stage of production can be done here.

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Nyah’s love for the entertainment industry sparked when she was a little girl. That little girl’s
confidence and determination lead her to stop at nothing in order to achieve her dreams.
Her acting journey started right here at TAS, and she hasn’t looked back since!
From climbing the ladder of student, intern, to Coach, Nyah gives The Actor’s Scene immense
gratitude for the extraordinary time she has spent here growing not only as a person but as an
Nyah is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Television at Savannah College of Art and
Design. She is also represented by Carol Shaginaw Talent Agency.
When Nyah is not working, she has a couple of hobbies she always comes back to including
movie nights, listening to one of her many playlists, or taking a drive.

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Jemarcus is an actor who’s been acting in the TV/Film and Theatre Industries for the past 12 years.  He’s worked on several projects and including hit shows Black Lightning on The CW and BMF on STARZ. He’s beyond excited to bring his years of skills and knowledge to TAS and to help mold minds that are eager to learn more about acting. 

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Jennifer Caballero is our new admin personnel and a current student at TAS. She studied film,
television & theater at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts where she trained as an
actor, singer & dancer. Jennifer also has experience working in office administration. Her
customer service skills accompanied with her passion for the performing arts will be a great
contribution to The Actor’s Scene.

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Since a young age, Madison has held a strong passion for all forms of art, but she was particularly fascinated with movies and the characters within them. She fell in love with theatre in high school and began to search for any way to keep herself involved- whether onstage or in the wings. She was introduced to TAS by Coach Molly in 2017, and was amazed by the welcoming and supportive environment fostered by all of the coaches at TAS.

In 2023, Madison received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts with minors in Casting and Film & Television from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In her time at SCAD, Madison further discovered her love of voiceover, improv and comedy. She worked on short films and in multiple sketch groups over the years, and was heavily involved with SCAD Improv. In her senior year, she was a part of a student-written and performed sketch show directed by Matt Walsh.

Madison could not be more excited to join the team at TAS!

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Guest and Workshop Coaches:


Jordan Blair Brown is a Kentucky-born actress who began acting in her early childhood. Encouraged at a young age to develop interests in extra-curricular activities Jordan’s passion for acting grew while performing in the community theaters around the Lake Cumberland Area. Jordan Blair’s first professionally paid performance came in Norma Cole’s “And the Tide Shall Cover the Earth”, a drama about the construction of the lakes and dams of the Tennessee Valley Authority, one of which is Lake Cumberland whom her grandfather, William Leon Brown, helped build.

Jordan Blair spent her summers working at State Dock Marina, performing in local theaters, and guiding young girls as a teen and adult leader at 4-H camp. An academically strong student, she was an after-school tutor for five years, a member of her High School Marching Band (AAA Champions and Runner-Up) and Dance Team and Drum Core. Jordan Blair attended Morehead State University graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in both Theatre and Paralegal Studies. As a member of the Theta Alpha Phi Theatre Honors Fraternity, she participated in theatrical productions during college either as an actor, dancer or backstage as assistant director, lighting designer or stage manager. As a college intern, she worked for Lexington Children’s Theatre, Stagedoor Manor in New York, and The Rowan County Public Defender’s Office in Morehead, Kentucky. All of this was in tandem with her involvement in the Paralegal Studies Honor Society and the Epsilon Sigma Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta.

After graduation, Jordan Blair was invited to study at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York and followed that experience working on the Broadway Workshop “The Last Goodbye”. In 2013, Jordan’s career transitioned from the stage to television and film. After working as background talent and production assistant to learn/experience how film sets run, she landed her first film role in the Atlanta independent film “Love My Country”, in which she played the principal role of Janus. She since has stayed in Georgia to continue her career. In 2014, Jordan Blair landed her first national television appearance as a principal on Investigation Discovery Channel’s “Swamp Murders”, in which she portrayed the best friend of the main character. She has a recurring role in the improvisation web series “Asylum 8”, has been involved in many independent short films(including “A Fish Tale” which premiered at the Seattle Shorts Film Festival), commercials/industrials, and music videos.

Her passion of performance continues, and she has used her experience and creativity to work behind the scenes in producing/casting. Jordan now regularly casts feature films and other projects. Seeing hundreds of auditions from Atlanta actors every month, Jordan brings a unique perspective to TAS students from both the casting and acting side of the lens. This past fall, Jordan even cast a TAS student as a lead role in a feature film. Her experience coupled with her passion for helping others gives our TAS students that edge they need in the business.


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Sanna Erica started acting when she was 14 years old. She has been coaching with TAS since 2011, soon after she made the move to Atlanta, GA. Sanna loves teaching actors of all ages and considers it a huge privilege to be able to teach!

Sanna holds her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Azusa Pacific University, studying Theatre/Acting, Film, Screenwriting, and Animation. Sanna also holds her Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies from Brenau University. Sanna holds acting credits from Netflix, Hulu, Warner Brothers, Disney, and Coca-Cola. Sanna is a member of SAG-AFTRA in good standing and is represented by Houghton Talent and CSP Management/Citizen Skull. Sanna is also a lover of Sketch Comedy and performs with Sketchworks Comedy in Atlanta.

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Dina started acting at a community theatre in Hollywood, Florida when she was 10 years old and then relocated to the metro Atlanta area with her family at age 13. Dina pursued acting throughout her middle and high school years then went on to earn her BFA in Theatre Performance from Columbus State University. Her studies included The Meisner Technique and Lessac Kinesensic Voice and Movement Training.

Dina realized her passion for coaching and guiding others during a college summer internship at The Actor’s Scene. She continues to study and train to enhance not only her acting skills, but also to share her knowledge with her students. She recently completed the Summer Intensive at The Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in New York. Dina is represented by Talent Direct Agency and continues to work in film, theatre, and sketch comedy.


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Michael Justice was born in Detroit, Michigan and starting acting at age of 14. After studying drama in high school and doing several plays and local commercials, Michael decided he wanted to make a career as a professional actor. After High School he attended Specs Howard School of Media Arts and graduated specializing in Video and Radio production. At 19, Michael moved to New York city with a internship at MTV Networks which later turned into a freelance production assistant on several TV shows and projects. While in New York, Michael dove into the world of Fashion and Acting, and consequently booked several major print and commercial campaigns.

Michael studied at Terry Schreiber and Weist Barron acting studios in NY and joined Screen Actors Guild in 2003 becoming a professional actor. After working with several NY agents and managers, Michael decided to take his acting career to next level moving to Los Angeles. Now after 13 years in Screen Actors Guild, Michael has built a strong resume of TV & Film credits and continued studying his craft at Aaron Speiser acting studio and also the Stella Adler conservatory. Michael has also worked for several agencies, producers, and managers over the years learning all aspects of the business.

Michael is now a professional ACTOR / FILM MAKER living in Atlanta, Georgia. Michael produced his first 60 minute feature film called “Ticket to Ride” in 2014, along with several other short films and a TV pilot in development. Michael also is a professional photographer at his company

HOLLYWOOD HEADSHOTS ATLANTA. Michael has a huge passion for the business and is excited to pass his knowledge of New York and Los Angeles to the next generation of Southeast Actors. Michael is currently represented by Houghton Talent Agency.

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