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Improv Foundations

New to Improvisation? Grow in your confidence, critical thinking, and creativity with this beginner course! 

Why Improv?

Improvisation instills skills to help YOU become a better actor. Improvisation can also help you in life as it teaches you to be more confident with leadership skills. Studies have shown that improv helps build strong communication skills, as well as teamwork, awareness, and expression. However, improvisation is also a performing art style of its own.

Learn the zany art of of improv… at The Actor’s Scene!

***No homework makes this a popular choice for busy students! 


Are you interested in signing up for Improv Foundations at The Actor’s Scene? Check out this video, featuring Coach Molly Pass, to find out if Improv Foundations is right for you. 

About the Class

Improv Foundations

Ages 9-Adult

Who can take this class?

  • New actors
  • Seasoned actors
  • People in business
  • Stay-at-home moms & dads
  • Anyone who wants to get out of the house and have FUN!

Yep, ANYONE can take Improv Foundation.

No matter what you do for a living or where your interests lie, learning the art of improvisation can benefit YOU!

What will you learn?

  • The rules of improv
  • How to develop an environment that is specific
  • Short-form improv
  • Long-form improv
  • Developing characterization
  • & more!

Improv JR

Ages 4-8

What is Improv JR? 

Improv JR is an introductory course that breaks down the big themes introduced in Improv Foundations and makes them easy for little minds to process.

In the first session of the Improv JR course  we create a safe place for students to explore foundational improv concepts, such as: 

  • Thinking fast
  • Making a choice and committing to it
  • Working together to build a storyline
  • Expressing creative concept details

In second session, students are gently introduced to the  concepts that support improv scenes: 

  • Rules of Improv
  • Basic scene layouts

Improv JR helps tiny students prepare to enter the main Improv Foundation course when they are 9 years old.

Improv Foundations Tuition Prices

Improv JR
Ages 4-8

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Ages 9-12

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Ages 13-Adult

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