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Personalizing Your Craft

The Technique Track: Personalizing Your Craft is a course that is designed to introduce seasoned actors to a variety of classical techniques in order to help them personalize their craft. Actors study the greats while working to become great!

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About the Class

The Technique Track: Personalizing Your Craft is for the intentional actor searching for continued education in discovering and improving their artistic skills. In this two-year course, you will be introduced to the acting founders and dive deep into various acting techniques, in similar fashion to a classical conservatory program. Our goal at The Actor’s Scene is to give students the tools and education to develop and adapt their own approach to acting, so this class focuses on the individual as each actor learns and grows with the curriculum.  The Technique Track is for serious, committed actors that are 13 years or older.


Students should have completed the Working Actor Program at The Actor’s Scene OR must have studied at least 2 years in consistent ongoing classes elsewhere. 

The Technique Track Year 1

The Technique Track Year 1 equips actors with the ability to make creative and unique acting choices. In-depth study of acting techniques by the founders is a cornerstone of the program: Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Constantine Stanislavsky, Uta Hagen and others will help each actor develop their own acting technique.

By studying the Greats, actors can gather more techniques for their own “tool belt” which can be utilized in auditions or on set. Students learn two techniques from each founder and how to apply them to scripts.

The Technique Track Year 2

Technique Track Year 2 will continue to expand on the various skills and techniques rooted in Stanislavski technique. Additional techniques from Sanford Meisner, Uta Hagen, and Stella Adler will continue to be integrated into the work, nourishing and encouraging the actor’s unique creative individuality.

In this class, the actor will also begin working with more advanced and sometimes physically-rigorous techniques such as Michael Chekhov, Tadashi Suzuki, Anne Bogart, and Frederick Matthias Alexander. Conservatory Year 2 is dedicated to improving the whole instrument, which, by its essential parts, is both physical and psychological. This class will not only provide the actor with practical tools and knowledge necessary to support their ambition to grow as an actor and to succeed as a professional, but will also assist the actor in acquiring a reliable approach to performing truthful human behavior on-camera, on-stage, and on-mic.

Actors will learn to outline their goals as well as perform with energy, imagination, and creative power. The use of the body and sensation and bringing the techniques into practice will unleash their latent creative and expressive capabilities.

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