New Year… New Goals

New Year… New Goals

Launch your acting career into 2024!

The new year has begun which means it’s time for new year’s resolutions, a daunting word that tends to leave most people overwhelmed or disappointed in themselves. “What’s the point of making a resolution if I’m just going to give it up in a week or two?” you might tell yourself or “There are too many resolutions to keep up with, it’s overwhelming.” I hear you.

This author has found herself asking those very questions in the past…

Setting goals can be even more difficult when you have chosen the life of a creative. As creatives it is our responsibility to keep ourselves organized and driven.  Oftentimes we creatives will work on more than one project simultaneously and have several different jobs to juggle meaning goal setting is actually an incredibly helpful activity for us. That’s why I could think of no one better to talk to about this than TAS’s own Media Director, Molly Pass, a creative who tackles multiple jobs/projects at once with an unending positive attitude.

TAS is a big part of your life, but it’s not all you do. What exactly are all of your jobs and titles within those jobs? 

I am an acting and vocal coach at The Actor’s Scene as well as the Media Director for the school, managing all of our social media accounts! In addition to that I am an actor, as well as the CEO of Moon Trip Productions LLC; an independent video production company. I will also take odd jobs on occasion, like holiday pet-sitting or random short-term gigs like that.

-Wowza! You are a busy bee! What other activities do you engage in when you aren’t working?

I LOVE reading, watching movies or TV shows (my favorite show right now is Reservation Dogs on Hulu), working out, and spending time in nature!

-So what does an average day and/or week look like for you?

Every day is a little different, but I generally wake up, make the bed, and start getting ready for the day with a coffee or juice. I like to get my at-home workout out of the way first thing in the morning so I often start with my social media work/emails/random remote working tasks. In the middle of the day I grab lunch and will often have my “me time” in the early afternoon, since I’m usually coaching or editing videos in the evenings. A few times a week I may be shooting content days or events, which look a little different every time! But whether it’s posting on Instagram from my home office, doing an on-site content day, or working at the school, I genuinely love my many jobs.

-With all that going on, what are things you do to keep yourself organized and/or sane?

Google Calendar is my best friend ever. I’ve got a color-coded system for each job as well as my appointments which helps with time management as well as invoicing when the time comes. I even have a color for hanging out with my friends. Using Google Keep for taking digital notes and making lists is really helpful too! I also love using physical planners and to-do lists. My favorite productive stationary is actually from a small business called All Things Lilly Ann. I use their hourly notepads all the time to help me with time-blocking and staying on track! (All Things Lilly Ann)

Amazing! I’ve started using Google Calendar more as well and my how it has helped me stay more organized which is one of my goals for the year. Speaking of goals how important/helpful is goal setting to you?

Goal setting is SO important! I think we always need to be aware of where we presently are and where that is in relation to what we want for our future. By setting goals and creating tangible steps to achieve them we are investing in ourselves and our futures!

-I totally agree! However, I think we both can agree it isn’t that simple. What struggles do you face when it comes to completing goals? 

Procrastination is a BEAST especially when it comes to editing. I do find that my personal projects tend to fall on the back burner when I’m in a particularly busy season which happens to the best of us! In addition to that I think that every artist (whether they want to admit it or not) has some level of imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is where you feel like you’re faking your skills and that you’re less talented than the other people you encounter in your field. This is a LIE (and a common feeling in every field)! You’re in your profession or hobby for a reason, and when we beat ourselves up, our work actually does suffer for it. Imposter syndrome gets better the more you do and overcome, but it can be an inhibitor of getting goals accomplished. 

-Woof, do I feel that. So what are things you do to help you stick to your goals?

I’m a super visual person and I LOVE vision boards because of that. I make vision boards on Pinterest/Google Docs and print them out! I’ve got work-related mood boards in my office and fashion/makeup/personal life mood boards in my bedroom and bathroom. I also think having an accountability partner and not being afraid to delegate tasks are super important tips. We weren’t created to go through life alone, and I believe that you have people who care about you and want to help you succeed… Let them in!

Yes! I love a good accountability partner! Such a helpful tool to have. Okay, final question: what goals do you have for 2024?

Some of my goals for 2024 include:

– Launching some exciting Moon Trip offerings… (Stay tuned on

– Growing my hair out! I am very impatient so shoutout to my amazing stylist Chloe who is keeping me to my hair goals!

– Creating one personal project a month. Even if it’s just a short-form video or a self portrait photoshoot. I’d love to create something just for the sake of creating at least once a month

These are amazing! Thank you so much Molly for sharing with us! If you need some help narrowing your goals for the year check out our Career Coaching page HERE.

Get in touch with TAS Front Desk today to be paired with a professional coach to talk about your next moves as an actor, singer, or creator. We would love to get you on track today! 

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Kirsten Krehbiel is an Atlanta based actress, director, and writer who enjoys bringing people new truths through the art of storytelling. She has a love of acting both on camera and on stage, having been lucky enough to be a part of incredible productions in both worlds. Kirsten joined the TAS team in 2020 as a coach, a job she loves because it lets her watch first hand as students grow and gain self confidence as actors. When she is not creating or coaching, you can find Kirsten hanging out with her grumpy cat on their back porch. 

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