The Actor’s Scene is an award-winning on-camera acting studio serving the Metro Atlanta area in person and nationwide with online classes.

Through convenient live and online instruction, we provide exceptional on-camera training and acting classes for movies, television, and commercials, while focusing on improving confidence and self-esteem.

Our Philosophy

  • To build confidence and self-esteem in each of our students by celebrating and praising their individual uniqueness and talents.
  • To instill the belief that you can be successful in this industry without compromising your morals or values.

Our Mission

To provide a fun and safe environment for actors in the Atlanta area to grow their talents and enhance acting skills in the following areas: audition technique, on-camera acting for film and television, imagination, focus, motivation, characterization, believability, personality, cold read, and improv.

Goal Oriented


  • To introduce beginner actors to the amazing world of acting
  • To emphasize growth in the following areas: building confidence, stretching imagination, eliminating shyness, building focus, supplementing reading skills for children, building memorization skills
  • To cultivate an enjoyable and fun environment for all new actors, without fear.
  • Building face-to-face business communication skills in this tech-driven world

Serious Actors

  • To grow acting skills to a higher level so the actor can increase callbacks, bookings, and other professional opportunities.
  • To provide exposure opportunities to agents, managers, and casting directors so students can a build a network of contacts
  • To increase the level of the professional pool of actors in the southeast so networks and movie studios will feel more confident about casting major roles outside LA and NY.


All the Benefits

According to a Forbes study, regularly practicing acting and improv skills leads to better communication and lowered anxiety. With the world focused on communication by technology, the art of face-to-face communication is suffering. Acting classes can help you master face to face communication and build important life skills.

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