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Every year, our regular session classes culminate in a showcase…

where students perform rehearsed pieces to show off the skills they have learned throughout the year. Talent Agents, Producers, and Casting Directors are invited to the showcase to scout TAS actors. Many of our actors are offered representation and bookings from being seen in the showcase.

Showcase is a time to celebrate our students’ growth and accomplishments… and get them one step closer to their dreams. While showcase does not guarantee placement and/or bookings, we are proud to present this opportunity to all of our students as a way to grow in their confidence, knowledge, and industry prowess.

Showcase is included in our yearlong program for participating classes. Anyone who is not enrolled in a yearlong program can reach out to the Front Desk to see what options are available to join our upcoming Showcase.

Next Showcase

APRIL 2021

Each student in every level performs at Showcase!

Acting Foundations:
Original Commercial

Working Actor Track Year 1:
Original Monologue

Working Actor Track Year 2:
Taped Audition Piece

Conservatory Track Year 1 & 2:
Audition Piece with reader

Behavior and Movement: 
Live Scene

Here's What Past Showcases Have Looked Like..

Look What VIPs Have Attended Our Showcases
In The Past...

Talent Agents

Joy Pervis: J Pervis Talent

Julie Martin: BMG

Gerra Avery, The Avery Agency

Shawn Carter; Evolution Talent Agency

Jessica Talley: Aligned Stars Agency

Chad Michael Broskey: Heyman Talent Agency

Tonya Hensley: TDH Talent Unlimited

Carol Shaginaw: Carol Shaginaw Talent Agency

Lora Vinson: Classic Talent

Jason Lockhart: Atlanta Models and Talent

Mystie Buice: Houghton Talent

Barbara Garvey: East Coast Talent Agency

Lyndon Winchester: HOP Models and Talent

David Doan: CESD NY Head Kids Theatrical Division

Philip Marcus: Clear Talent LA

Tiffany Treibel: Osbrink Agency LA

Joanne Smolen: Rage Models and Talent LA

Mallory Tucker: CESD NY Adult Division

Casting Directors/Film Director-Producers

Jeffrey Karantza: Producer & Casting Director, Osiris Films

Cheryl Louden-Kubin, Casting Director

Dalex Miller: Dalex Casting

Jen Kelley, Casting Director: Big Picture Casting

Kris Redding, Casting Director

Bruce Downs, Producer, Mile 29 Films

Jordan Brown, Casting Director

Jen Inguilli: Casting Director

Clifton Guterman Casting

January Curry, Destination Casting

Johanna Jowett, C&J Casting

Tiandra Gayle: Assistant Casting Director to Rhavynn Drummer

Lori Wyman: Lori Wyman Casting

Jessica Fox: Atlanta

Jillian Johnston: Shelter Casting

Cathy Reinking: Atlanta

Laquanda Plantt: Elle Q Casting

Harriet Greenspan: LA Casting Director


Nicolle Campbell: TASM

DebraLynn Findon: Discover Management LA


Phil Stevens: Bed Head Media

Jeremiah Bennet: Glass Door Studios

Jeff Karantza: Osiris

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