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The Creator's Lab

A deeper dive into all above-the-line roles of filmmaking!
the deadline to sign up this year is September 2nd, 2024

Registration for The On-Set Experience is currrently closed for the 23/24 school year. 

Check back on this page in the spring to see our students present their year end short film! 

They say practice makes perfect, which is why this follow up to our On Set Experience class gives students even MORE hands on filmmaking experience and allows them to dive deeper into “above-the-line roles” also known as the head creatives on set.

The GOAL of this class is to provide budding filmmakers who have already taken our On Set Experience class 80+ MORE hours of hands-on filmmaking, giving them increased opportunities to take on key creative positions and find their niche in the film industry.

About The Creator's Lab

Prepare to come in swinging to the first session, as we will dive straight into the writing and pre-production for a longer, more challenging short film project that will span from August-January. Students will also try their hand at being Casting Directors and Editors– two departments they only got a small sample of in the On Set Experience.

For the second session, prepare to get your creative juices flowing with weekly film challenges that will push students to the limits of their creativity. And of course- it will all conclude with a premiere of BOTH their short film project from session 1, as well as highlights of their film challenges. Get ready to CREATE like never before!

Make REAL films! Gain REEL footage!

More about the class:

In this class, students will...

  • Fill the roles of Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Casting Director, and Editor to create their own short film from start to finish
  • Work longer as their above-the-line role and dive deeper into the intricacies of that position
  • Conquer the various limitations of filmmaking through challenges that will push them to think outside the box
  • By the end of the year, students  will have the knowledge and experience required to feel like a true scholar of the field!

A Note on Class Structure: This class will be co-taught by industry professionals Leah Merritt and Adam Breazeale. As such, the class will often be split by age group for lessons, but come together for the filmmaking portions. By doing so, actors learn not only how to collaborate with a range of ages on set, but also have a wide variety of actors to use in their short film!

Who is right for this class?

  • Students that want to explore production roles, such as screenwriting or directing, are welcome to take this class

  • Actors that want to create or build on their demo reel

  • Creatives that want to explore the filmmaking process, both in front of and behind the camera


Students must be at least 12 years old and have already taken our On Set Experience class.

Due to the collaborative nature of this class, we require students to sign a contract agreeing to complete the entire 8 months of class. 

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Adam is an actor and filmmaker who has grown up here in Georgia. He graduated from the University of North Georgia with a Bachelor of…


Leah is a TAS alum turned coach! Born in Mississippi but raised in Memphis, TN, Leah first fell in love with performing through a…

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