A Coach In Your Corner

A Coach In Your Corner

You don’t have to go through this journey alone…

“My acting career is overwhelming.”

“I don’t know where to start.”

“This audition is confusing.” 

Have you uttered any of these statements, or any like them? I can’t blame you! These are all things I myself have said at different points in my career.

Acting usually begins with a dream in your heart, but in this fast paced industry many actors are left feeling disoriented in the mountains of information. For new actors, it’s the heap of options to comb through, skills to build, scams to avoid. For working actors, it’s networking, audition fatigue, branding adjustments… have you made the right choices? Is there more you should do? 

These questions, and struggles, can take the JOY out of your acting journey.

But guess what? No matter where you are in your acting career, you don’t have to figure this out alone. Every actor needs a mentor that can lock arms with them and point them in the right direction. Luckily, The Actor’s Scene has got your back! No matter what issues you’re facing, we have a simple solution that can help: Career Coaching or a one-on-one meeting (private lesson). 

How will these private lesson options help?” I have enlisted a few of our hard working coaches who specialize in private lessons and career coaching to answer that very question.

Let’s start by introducing our coaches:

Coach Molly Pass

Coach Kristi Taylor

Alright coaches, let’s get into it. When should an actor get into continued Private lessons or Career Coaching lessons?

Molly’s answer: An actor can really benefit from ongoing Privates/Career Coaching lessons at any point! I think a good indicator that you’re ready for private coaching is when you need help with a particular skill or want an extra expert opinion on what your next right steps should be.

Kristi’s answer: The moment an actor feels overwhelmed with an audition…maybe they don’t know how to make appropriate decisions for their character for the audition, or if the casting director is requesting something unique, like improv or various takes, a coaching session should be done.  This can help clarify the necessary information and give a new perspective on choices that would be appropriate for the audition.

 Or, on the other hand, if they are not receiving auditions, a general career coaching is conducted and can help identify any issues that may be preventing the actor from progressing.  We can look at updates for the casting portal sites, resumes, reels, and general information that can help further their careers.  Career Coaching to me is a necessity! The best of the best utilize career coaching when the opportunity arises.

What are the benefits of private lessons versus learning in a group environment?

Molly’s answer: In private lessons, students can work at their own pace and skill level. We can go as in-depth as the student wants to go, or spend longer on concepts that may be harder to grasp!

Sanna’s answer: Private lessons can be form-fitted to YOU, the actor. You can choose exactly what you would like to focus on.

How do you go about your initial Career Coaching lesson?

Molly’s answer: I love essentially interviewing/chatting with my new students to assess their level, goals, and create a plan to move towards their next right thing!

Kristi’s answer: Upon meeting someone for the first time in a career coaching, I tend to take a few minutes and get to know each other…what their acting history is made of…their goals short and long term.  And, also identify the specific areas that may be helpful in furthering their careers.

Can you share some good moments or stories from Private or Career Coaching?

Molly’s answer: My favorite part of Career Coaching is getting to see my students improve in their own ways and helping them develop confidence in themselves, their abilities, and their processes. One stand-out memory was seeing one of my vocal students perform in front of others for the first time at her school showcase. I could tell how proud she was of herself after the performance, and she did an amazing job!

Kristi’s answer: I’ve had a few private students that have booked major projects.  I think it’s also important to mention that even if a student doesn’t book a project, but they are auditioning for speaking roles in these productions…that is still great!!  It shows the actors how they are imagined by casting directors for productions.  Just the fact that the casting directors or agents took their time to consider them a possibility is a huge compliment.

Taylor Smitherman is a 9 year old that has been doing private lessons with me for a little over a year.  We have worked on various topics in her lessons ranging from nerves in front of the camera, to dialects, to voiceovers, to singing, to crying, and showing extreme ranges of emotion.  She has only been acting for close to two years.  Since I’ve started lessons with her, she has booked several very large roles on short films, and even booked a voiceover role on the Daily Wire Network for a cartoon character.  Super proud of her!! 

We appreciate our coaches at TAS and their insights!

As we have learned, there are many reasons people choose to do a one-on-one session. We hope that if you are reading this and thinking of your own concerns, that you will reach out and chat with our team. It may be that investing in some quality time with a professional is just the step you need to get your career to the next level. 

Our TAS Front Desk can listen to your concerns, and help you find the best match in one of our coaches. Get your career started, get out of a slump, or just get the extra help you need today.

Ready to get started? Reach out today!



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Kirsten Krehbiel is an Atlanta based actress, director, and writer who enjoys bringing people new truths through the art of storytelling. She has a love of acting both on camera and on stage, having been lucky enough to be a part of incredible productions in both worlds. Kirsten joined the TAS team in 2020 as a coach, a job she loves because it lets her watch first hand as students grow and gain self confidence as actors. When she is not creating or coaching, you can find Kirsten hanging out with her grumpy cat on their back porch. 

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