Student Highlight: Ailani Flowers

Student Highlight: Ailani Flowers

You’ve seen her on The Color Purple and The Wonder Years; get to know her here! 

Not only do we love watching our students gain confidence and succeed at The Actor’s Scene, but we also love to share their successes with the world! One student that has really caught our attention as of late is Ailani Flowers. Not even ten years old and she is already wowing the film and tv world!

Let’s hear more about her acting career journey so far: 

Ailani, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us! It’s not every day that someone so young knows what they like and want to do with their life. What made you want to start acting? -

It has always been a dream of mine to act after watching other people on TV, especially on the Disney Channel. Specifically in the show “Stuck in the Middle” (which aired in 2016-2019 and starred a young Jenna Ortega.) 

That is an excellent show. It makes sense you were inspired by it. Now feels like a good time for a reboot!

It is my dream project! I’d love to play Daphne Diaz. (Originally played by Ariana Greenblatt). I second the call for a reboot! 🙂 

So “Stuck in the Middle” is what inspired your acting career, but what is it that you love about acting that keeps you going?

I love seeing the variety of people I get to meet on set.

Oh that is such an incredible part of this career and you have already had the opportunity to be on some stellar sets. What was something that surprised you about first working on a set?

I always get surprised by seeing how talented other actors are on set.

Yes! It’s so fun to experience that and really work together with talented people to make something awesome. With all your amazing experiences so far do you have some favorite memories from being on set?

Yes, my favorite acting moment was having Halle Bailey (who played Young Netti) passing me the broom in “The Color Purple”. (Ailani played Lil Cat.) -I also loved meeting my step mom (Young Celie played by actress Phylicia Pearl Mpasi) in “The Color Purple” -And having the cast sing Happy Birthday to me on set for “The Wonder Years” (where she played 4 year old Kim).

Wow! Those all sound really special. How sweet of everyone to sing to you and what neat moments to have with such talented actors. What keeps you feeling confident when you are working on set?

The people who are around help me feel confident. Humor helps me a lot and hearing words of encouragement.

Oof yes, that is great advice! Everyone can use that whether they’re actors or not. Are there any other parts of filmmaking you are interested in aside from acting?

I think Directing is fun and would love to direct a film one day

We can’t wait to see what story you tell as a director. You’ve got some great on-set experience this early in your career. With a focused drive and a solid support system there’s no telling what other incredible skills you will learn on the path to your directorial debut. Thinking of the future, what would you like your acting legacy to be?

I’d like my acting legacy to be “an African American who loves her career and never gave up”. That is an excellent legacy to leave behind!

We have full faith that you will never give up on this career! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and the world! We are excited to see your continued acting journey and wish you much success!

Parent's Corner

Not only did Ailani share all of her awesome adventures with us, but her mother, Aranne, also answered a few questions for parents of young actors.

Aranne, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these! To start off, what is some advice you’d give to other parents of young actors?

You are the eye for your child at all times. Always listen when your kid(s) speak. Keep their surroundings positive and with good energy.

That is wonderful advice! Do you have any helpful tools you picked up along the way?

Talking to other parents and doing my own research.

Those are super key! It is so important that we are all doing our own research into our projects. What do you do to help protect your child’s mental health in this crazy industry?

I limit her to what she needs to know especially when it comes to call backs. I run her social media so she doesn’t know much about what is going on until I communicate that with her. I keep her active with things she likes.

Those are great ideas to help young actors out! You have been full of such helpful advice! One last thing, do you have a favorite personal memory from helping Ailani?

My most memorable memory was having the director of The color purple speaking to me about how natural her talent is and her having a bright future ahead.

That is amazing! Way to go Ailani, and thank you Aranne, for taking the time to answer these questions for other parents out there!

Want to keep up with Ailani?

Check her out on:


You can also see her in Season 2, Episode 3 of The Wonder Years (Netflix)

and The Color Purple (MAX)



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