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1.      Our goal at TAS is to help our students find their Value and instill Confidence. When we do this, success follows-in every area of life!

2.      Above all, we are a family-friendly environment and hold to strong moral and ethical values. Those who wish to learn from us must uphold our family-friendly environment and not talk about, discuss, or bring in material that is not conducive to this standard.

3.      When working on tasks that are original, topics must stay within family-friendly subject matter. This means no profanity, no sexual content, no hinting at, alluding to or suggesting anything lewd, sexual, or inappropriate in nature, nor excessive violence or gore. When on break, in between acting or performing times or anytime on Actor’s Scene premises, there will be no talk or discussion of inappropriate content, including but not limited to: profanity, immoral topics, sexual content, violence, gore, or inappropriate topics for age. Scripts that are given out by coaches will also follow these guidelines. If you feel a script is inappropriate, please communicate this to us, so we can take steps to correct the material.

4.      Any student/parent/staff showing any symptoms of sickness including but not limited to: coughing, incessessant sneezing, running nose, stuffy nose, fever, sore throat, stomach ache will not be permitted on TAS premises. Any person entering our facility showing or complaining of signs of sickness will be pulled from class and asked to recuperate at home. Front desk or other staff will call parents of minors and ask them to come pick up their child who is showing or complaining of any such symptom.

6.      All students must exhibit appropriate conduct on Actor’s Scene premises, ie: no hitting, slapping, touching, talking back, threats etc. All students should exhibit respectful behavior at all times to coaches, staff, and other students. Failure to exhibit appropriate conduct may result in expulsion from TAS with no refund. TAS can expel any student for discretionary reasons, with no refund due.

7.      Students exhibiting disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be sent out of class to sit in lobby for a time out. Student may rejoin class after a 5-minute period, or when behavior adjusts appropriately. We inform parents when these situations occur, so you can partner with us to teach appropriate class behavior.

8.      Students who come to class prepared will gain the most out of the techniques and coach instruction. If unprepared for class, students will use that time in class to memorize instead. If students receive auditions with scripts that week and find that there is not enough time to memorize audition scripts AND class scripts, students may use their audition script instead of class script, as long as it fits TAS family-friendly guidelines.

9.   Class Cancellations due to coach bookings, weather, sickness will be scheduled on the following Friday or Saturday or soonest coach availability with class times TBD. Please understand that this may happen throughout the year as our coaches are working professionals which means they book film and TV work that could coincide with their normal classes. If you can’t attend the Friday makeup, then you can miss the class or pay for a private session with your coach to make up material missed.

10.   We have one big event which ALL students of ALL ongoing levels of class participate: SHOWCASE. TAS invites industry professionals: Casting directors, Agents, Managers, directors, producers and others to watch our students perform. Many students gain agency representation and industry bookings from our Showcase. Regardless of your interest of pursing acting professionally, all students participate in this big event. Students gain valuable knowledge in the process preparing a performance ready piece & confidence—our main goal—is also gained as students see their growth throughout the year culminating in this event. How we present Showcase will be determined each year according to world events and industry trends. Showcase prep normally starts in February and we usually start announcing showcase procedures in January through the student Newsletter.

11.   For students who need coaching/tapings for auditions, or for those who would like to work on specialized areas with one on one attention, we offer private coaching/audition tapings in our state-of-the-art taping room! Book audition tapings or private coaching directly at

12.   We love our customer loyalty! To reward our students and parents for talking about how great The Actor’s Scene Programs are, we will reward a $25 credit good towards TAS classes and services for each new TAS referral who registers for TAS classes. 

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