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Summer Camps Ages 12-17, Buford Location Only

          Teen Camp

2018 Summer Camp Schedule, Ages 12-17 year olds, BUFORD Location Only

Camp prices are listed below for each camp.

A $50 NONREFUNDABLE deposit can be made to secure your spot in camp.


Audition Lineup

June 11-15 M-F                   9am-5pm                 $229

Auditioning Consists of several TYPES of auditioning and actors need to be familar with all of them. Each day of this camp focuses on a different kind of audition to give the actor a great overview of all the auditions he needs to master. 

Day 1: Cold Read Audition: Many times in the course of an actor's auditioning, he receives a script with less than 24 hours to prepare. Sometimes he may only get 1 hour to 5 minutes! This day focuses on giving actors tips and strategies on giving a great audition no matter how little time you have.

Day 2: In Person Audition: With 95% of auditions being on tape in the southeast, actors can get rusty on auditioning in person. In person auditions have different rules...and actors need to know them! Practice the art of the in person audition on this day!

Day 3: The Commercial Audition: The acting for a commercial audition is completely different than the acting for tv/film. Actors must be able to switch between the two with ease. Actors on this day will be practicing the different types of commercial auditions--from reacting only, to speaking lines to improv. This day emcompasses all  the crazy auditions that actors can encounter when auditioning for commercials.

Day 4: The Taped Audition: Auditioning for TV/Film in the southeast is much different than in NY or LA as 95% of the auditions are requested by tape. In order to be successful, actors now must add the skill of the taped audition into their repertoire. And there's a lot more to a taped audition than you may think! 

Day 5: The Under 5 Audition: Have you ever received a script where your character only has 1 or 2 lines? How do you stand out with that? How do you even get a chance to show off your acting skills? On this day actors workout tips and strategies for giving a stellar performance with under 5 lines.





June 25-29th M-F                   9am-5pm                 $199

Improv:  the art or act of creating and performing spontaneously!  Our one week Improv camp is just that...create and perform without previous preparation!  Experience Improv through fun interactive lessons and games!  Our campers learn to build confidence, commitment, courage and listening skills all while working with others FACE to FACE!  Being able to think faster on their feet and trusting their ideas helps your child to work with others in amazing ways!  The experience of Improv Camp and leaving with a few life lessons never seemed so FUN!   This camp culminates in a Showcase for friends and family on the last day of camp.





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Make a movie from start to finish!

July 9-20th, M-F              9am-5pm              $499     TWO WEEK CAMP

The Art of Making a Film

Whether you are an aspiring filmmaker or actor, writer or director, CampFilm! is perfect for you!

Campers will be divided into filmmaking teams where each team will create, write, act and edit a short film with members assigned various jobs such as:  Producer, Director, Head Writer, Cinemetographer, Set Director, Editor etc. While team members may be a division head, campers rotate through jobs as assistants to learn the scope of various positions.

With Atlanta now called Hollywood of the South, so many jobs in the field of entertainment are now available. This camp explores just some of the avenues in this fascinating field.

Here are just some of the Positions/Fields Students will explore... “become” part of CampFILM!

PRODUCER: Responsible for the financing of the film, and decisions on how money is spent---Each Producer and team will be given a set amount of money they can spend on various aspects of making their film: filming equipment, editing bay time, supplies, various sets created set up in the classrooms, extra personnel like camera men etc.

HEADWRITER/WRITING TEAM: The script is the backbone of any film. Students will learn the process of taking a script from conception to outlining the plot to writing dialogue.  Character development, conflict, relationship between characters and overall theme will be explored.

DIRECTOR: The director is the “visionary” of the film creating the mood, directing the actors and bringing the script to life. In charge of bringing all the elements together to create a cohesive and compelling story, the director is a vital component in any film.

EDITOR: It is the editing process that gives the footage actual structure and tells the story. An editor has much power in manipulating what the audience sees and feels by how he pieces together the footage. Students will learn basic editing concepts and edit the movie into the final product using iMovie. Editing techniques and styles will also be explored.

Campers will even be given a budget they can use to spend on various elements to enhance their film: Particular rooms in our studio created into "sets" upon which they can build their stories around, props, camera men, extras-many of the things producers need to decide where to spend their budget! 


Campers will hear guest speakers who are professionals in the field in areas like: directing, sound, lighting, casting. These professionals will give campers a window into their world and what their day of work on set is like.

Upon completion of their short film, campers will host a Premiere Party where parents and friends are invited to the screening. Campers will take part in a Q&A session after each screening modeling after many prominent film festivals.

This camp is limited to only 16 actors!



Drop off/Pick up Policy:

**Camp drop off is 8:45am-9am and pick up is 4:40-5pm.  Earlier drop off and later pick up is available for a fee and with prior arrangements.  You must confirm your drop off and pick up times.

Early drop off at 8am everyday: $60. Late pick up at 6pm every day: $60.

Registration for early/late drop off/pick up is required.

Summer Camp Refund Policy: 

Must withdraw by written or email notification.

Withdrawing by April 1 results in full refund less $50 processing fee.

After April 1 and at least 30 days prior to camp start date will result in a credit on account.

No refund or credit for withdrawing 29 days on prior to camp start date.