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Prospective students can audit one class for free before registering. To audit, please call our office at 770-904-6646 and schedule a time to audit a class.

The Actor’s Scene offers different class tracks students can choose based on their goals and experience levels. In Basic & Working Tracks, students can choose a month to month payment plan with no commitment, or choose to commit for the entire 34 weeks with a contract and get a discounted price. Conservatory and Alexander Tracks require a contract for the entire 32 weeks at a time.


The Basic Actor Track: 34 weeks (August - May)

Yearly Rate:

Ages 4-7 Ages 8-17 Adults
$657 $873 $954

Month to Month: 9 consecutive monthly installments, no contract

Ages 4-7 Ages 8-17 Adults
$73 $97 $106

Discount: Contract Price: 9 consecutive monthly installments with signed contract

Ages 4-7 Ages 8-17 Adults
$64 $89 $94

Basic actor is for kids and adults new to acting, who want to explore the world of on camera/film acting or those who simply want to build confidence/self-esteem skills. It’s also great for kids who need an outlet for high energy or to learn focus. Basic Actor is also great for parents who want to develop kids with vivid imaginations!

We strive to make the Basic Actor high energy and fun while helping draw students out of their shell, gain confidence and learn to use every tool in a performance. Students in basic actor are not necessarily serious career seekers--especially in the 4-17 age ranges. We are there to encourage, enhance self -esteem and open their eyes to the wonder of acting. The Basic Actor for adults is an hour longer and the additional hour focuses on breaking down the walls adults have spent years putting up so adults can learn to be more vulnerable and access the wellspring of emotions inside them.

Acting starts with a solid foundation. The Basic Actor Track works on building that foundation utilizing the tools of an actor: The Face, The Body, The Voice and The Imagination. Through series of fun acting games and exercises, students learn how to control each of their tools separately and then use them together to create believable performances. This track focuses on helping students really master these tools so they are ready to use them in later tracks as they learn more advanced acting techniques.

For more in depth information about our Basic Actor Track, click here.

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The Working Actor Track: 2 years*

*2-year commitment not required. Month to month or 1-year contract options available. 

This two-year program starts students down the track to become working actors.  Focus centers on learning skills for auditioning, script analysis and set knowledge. By the end of this two-year track, actors will demonstrate all the skills and knowledge needed to be professional working actors.

For actors who have taken The Basic Actor Track at TAS, or comparable classes elsewhere.

Working Actor Year 1
Sets and Script Knowledge: 34 weeks starting in August

Ages 4-7 Ages 8-adult
$657 $1251


Month to Month: 9 consecutive monthly payments (no commitment required)

Ages 4-7         Ages 8-Adult
$73 $139                          

Discount: Contract Price: 9 consecutive monthly payments with signed contract

ages 4-7 Ages 8-Adult
$64 $124

When an actor has an audition, he usually receives a script. Many actors go through the paces of memorizing their role, but preparation for their audition should go much deeper. And it all starts with analyzing the script for things like their character, motivation, goals, conflict, emotion and much more. Year one teaches students to explore their script and ask many questions for a better understanding and connection with the character they are playing. The year includes set knowledge, vocabulary, and direction so actors can quickly and easily follow instructions from directors and crew while on set.

For more in depth information on Working Actor Track Year 1, click here.

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Working Actor Year 2:
The Taped Audition: 34 weeks starting in August

Ages 4-7 Ages 8-Adult
$657 $1251        

Month to Month: 9 consecutive monthly payments
 (no commitment required.)

Ages 4-7 Ages 8-Adult
$73 $139

Discount: Contract Price: 9 consecutive monthly payments with signed contract

Ages 4-7 Ages 8-Adult
$64 $124

Over the past few years, the industry has dramatically shifted from in person auditions to Taped auditions. In the Southeast, 95% of auditions an actor receives are done by self-tape. Even Casting in New York and LA is shifting to this method of auditioning. Thus, this shift has required actors to learn a completely new way of auditioning. Casting Directors require that taped auditions look and feel professional so that they, in turn, have a professional product to send on to Producers and TV Networks.

This second year in the Work Actor Track concentrates exclusively on developing the actors taped auditions skills so that each audition sent to casting can be a “wow” audition. The taped audition is one of the most competitive and important items in the professional actor’s world. To be successful, an actor simply MUST spend time learning the strategies and skills to a great taped audition.

For more in depth information on the Working Actor Track Year 2, Click here
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The Conservatory Track-2years*

*Contract required to enter Conservatory Track for each year. Commitment required for 1 year at a time.

This is a two-year program for those students who want to delve deep into acting techniques. While not a true conservatory program which immerses the actor into training for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 2-3 years, our conservatory track will be a sampling of what one would learn if they were to go to a conservatory without spending the hours or the money. Our curriculum is comparable to what would learn in an MFA or conservatory program. It's excellent preparation for those teens/young adults who may be looking to apply to conservatory. It's also an excellent substitute for those who don't have the time or finances that a true conservatory requires. Conservatory track is great for film or theater actors.

Conservatory Year 1: 32 Weeks starting in August
CONTRACT REQUIRED for full 32 weeks

Classes for ages 10-adult
Price: $1404
9 consecutive payments of $156
Discount: Pay in full $1200

Conservatory Year 1: Sampling techniques of Meisner, Adler, Hagen, Stanislavsky

Many of Hollywood’s stars received training from conservatory or MFA type programs that teach the techniques of Meisner, Adler, Hagen, and Stanislavsky… all founders of great acting techniques. If you read the training background of many of our great actors today, you realize they spent a whole year learning Meisner, or a whole year studying Hagen.  Our conservatory program provides in depth study of 2 of the best techniques from each of these acting founders. The goal for students in this program is to learn which elements from each technique strike a personal cord and to develop those to work for them in bringing characters to life.

For more in depth information on the Conservatory Track Year 2, Click here


Conservatory Year 2: 32 Weeks Starting in August

CONTRACT REQUIRED for full 32 weeks

Classes for ages 10-adult
Contract Price: $1404
9 consecutive payments of $156
Discount: pay in full-$1200

Year 2: Sampling techniques of Chekhov, Suzuki, Bogart and Stanislavsky's Method

Your path down the Conservatory Track continues with study on additional techniques that are often a part of a curriculum in college and MFA programs. Adding more techniques to your tool belt deepens your understanding of what brings 3-dimensional life to a character set on paper. The more layers you add to your character, the richer and more interesting your performance will be. Practical Aesthetics will also be introduced in this year of the Conservatory Track.

For more in depth information on the Conservatory Track Year 2, Click here
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The Alexander Track 2 years*: 32 weeks starting in August

*Contract required to enter Alexander Track for each year. Commitment required for 1 year at a time.

Classes for ages 14-adult
Contract Price: $1602
9 consecutive payments of $178
Discount: pay in full-$1400

Years 1 & 2
Alexander Technique is rooted in the performing arts. It focuses primarily on changing habitual behavior. The Alexander Technique offers a clear and measured look into the basic principles that govern human movement. Learners will engage the body and mind to reduce tension in daily activities. The mind and body combination makes this training important for actors. The techniques can be applied through rehearsal routines, performances and even the lessening of nervous tension in auditions. We will focus on presence, performance anxiety, movement, speaking voice, connecting mind, emotions, and body.  Each lesson will incorporate reading and discussion, hands-on guidance, as well as activities to illustrate Alexander concepts. This class requires a serious commitment from each learner.

For more information on the Alexander Track click here




MONTH TO MONTH STUDENTS:  No contract withdrawal policy: No penalties to withdraw or terminate your auto draft payments. However, we must receive your written cancellation 10 days PRIOR to the next scheduled Automatic Withdrawal or termination calculations will start with the next month.  You must email your written cancellation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


CONTRACT STUDENTS: In the event that you wish to be released from the Yearly Contract Option before your 9 months or your start month through April is completed, you will be subjected to an Early Termination Fee.  The Early Termination Fee is the amount of two (2) additional months at the prescribed Yearly Contract tuition rate per month.  Early Termination Fee will be immediately charged to your card on file upon receipt of your withdrawal notice. You must email your written cancellation to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




Must withdraw by written or email notification. Withdrawing by April 1 results in full refund less $50 processing fee. After April 1 and at least 30 days prior to camp start date will result in a credit on account. No refund or credit for withdrawing 29 days prior to camp start date.


SHOWCASE & IT FACTOR: NO REFUNDS OR CREDIT due to the special nature of these events.


AUDITION TAPINGS/PRIVATE LESSONS: Must be pre-paid in order to hold your time slot. No refunds. Cancelling/rescheduling 24 hours prior results in rescheduling with no penalty.


ALL OTHER CLASSES, WORKSHOPS, EVENTS: Credit on student account will be given with 24 hour notice of cancellation.


There is a $25.00 Returned Check Charge.  


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Payment Policies

TAS only accepts credit or debit cards for their monthly class tuition. All students at TAS must have their monthly payment automatically drafted by credit or debit card each month. For those electing the month to month no contract option, cancellations will be accepted 7 days prior to draft date each month with no penalty. After 7 days, no refunds or credits will be issued.

For questions or changes to your Automatic Draft, please call our business office Mon-Thurs from 9am-1pm at 770-904-6646.