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The Advanced Actor

Prospective students can audit one class before registering. To audit, please call our office and schedule a time to audit a class.

This program is for students who have completed our Working Actor program, or have extensive on camera training with another studio and  several tv/film credits on their resume. 

This next phase in our program focuses on the student owning his/her acting career. This class equips actors with the ability to make creative and unique choices. In depth study of acting techniques by the founders: Adler, Meisner, Stanislavsky, Hagen and others will help each actor develop his/her own acting technique. By studying the Greats, actors can gather more techniques for their tool belt which can be utilized in auditions or on set. Students learn 2 techniques from each founder and how to apply them to scripts.

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    Program Includes:                                                           


Month 1: Stanislavski---Magic If

Month 2: Stanislavski--Objectives & Units

Month 3: Uta Hagen--Substitution

Month 4: Uta Hagen--Physical Destination

Month 5: Meisner--Acting is Reacting

Month 6: Meisner--Acting is Doing

Month 7: Adler--Size

Month 8: Showcase Prep & Creating your own Method


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Basic, Working, Advanced, Master, Alexander and Taped Audition Series:

Month to month plans: All payments are automatically drafted from credit/debit card. Student can withdraw from class and cancel autodraft with no penalties with 7 days written or emailed notification of stop payment request. Written or emailed notification 1-6 days before draft date -credit will be issued on student account. No refund after draft date.

Session/Year plans: Student can withdraw in middle of session/year however, cost of class will revert to month to month pricing. Refund for months not used will be given and refund will be calculated on month to month price. Discount is only for those students who complete the session/year as the discount is meant for those who take the full session/year.