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Elizabeth has been a performer as far back as she can remember. Beginning at the age of 3, she began dancing with the 'En Pointe Dance Company' based out of Atlanta and went on to perform and compete with the company professionally at the age of 5. During that same year, Elizabeth began doing stage work with local churches and Community Theatres. Opting out of public school until later on, her mother decided to put Elizabeth's love for dancing and acting first, and everything else came second. The freedom of being home-schooled, along with a supportive family gave her the motivation to take her talents far. Along with countless stage productions through churches, acting troupes, community theatre, and schools; Elizabeth has credits in two independent films, and voice-overs. She even received the opportunity to perform for over 26,000 people as a star in the production "Made Real" in 2005 at the Tennessee Stadium. Although Elizabeth spent two years studying Theatre at Gainesville College and Breneau University with The North GA Theatre Alliance, Elizabeth felt most at home with The Actor's Scene. As one of the first students, way back in 2004, Elizabeth has grown the most in the creative environment that Nicolle has provided with her studio. Now, as a coach, Elizabeth hopes to use her experience and her passion to pass that same energy on to her students. Inspiring them to step out of their comfort zones and reach for the stars.

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A self described "couch potato", Shon's love for performing arts began at the age of nine. He began his acting career at age 13 performing in local and professional theatre and went on to receive a scholarship to attend The Actor's Studio Drama School in New York.    

Signed to a talent agency in his first semester, he continued to work professionally as an actor before transitioning into working behind the scenes starting his career at The Gersh Agency.   

From there, Shon went on to work in the industry in talent representation and is currently a casting assistant. As a casting assistant, Shon has worked on these projects:  For Better or Worse Season Two, House of Payne Season 6, Madea's Witness Protection and The Marriage Counselor.

Sanna was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but moved to the United States at the age of eight months old. At 15, Sanna landed a major modeling contract in New York City. Even though she always enjoyed modeling, Sanna realized that acting was always her calling. Ever since, Sanna has been passionately pursuing the art of acting. Sanna moved to Los Angeles in 2008, graduating Magna Cum Laude with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts at Azusa Pacific University. Sanna soon landed the Alloy Entertainment (production company responsible for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Vampire Diaries) project PRIVATE based on the New York Times Bestselling Book series. While in LA, Sanna worked as an actor on several other projects including Cold Feet, Order, and The Royal Xaavi before relocating to work in Atlanta. You can see a full list of credits on Sanna's IMDB page. Sanna is passionate about the entertainment business, and wants to empower actors of all ages to follow their dreams.


Richard Hempton


Richard is an actor and award winning filmmaker who has been involved in the industry for over 25 years. He began acting when he was 9 years old with the support of his mother and continued to follow his passion to two conservatories in New York where he studied under Broadway names like Jack Eddleman. During a shoot for a short film by, the now, Rabbi David Nesenoff he began to develop an interest in the production process. Soon after his focus began to shift to Directing and he has been living his passion and helping others to find theirs. He has been acting, casting, teaching, writing and directing in Georgia for fourteen years. Georgia is now his home and he is driven to help the film industry make a successful home here as well.

In his experience there is a growing need for talented, driven, ethical and intelligent actors in Georgia. He has been called "an actor's Director" due to his experience and knowledge of the craft, he knows the work it takes to bring a performance to it's best. In an industry where actors can be pressured to compromise their morals or ethics Richard believes there is a place for talented individuals who will stand firm and is eager to help them acquire the tools for their "actors tool box" and the means to wield them.



Jonna Johnson


Native Tennessean, Jonna Johnson grew up in the small town of Lebanon TN. In fighting for her passion of Performing Arts she left Tennessee for Atlanta Ga and studied in Film Concentration, Commercial, & Voice Over. She has a determination to continue to use her talents to Mentor Young People Nationwide by being able to relate and motivate them to go for their Dreams and Passions in life. As a Certified Motivational/Presentational Speaker, she travels all over to reach out to troubled teens/adults with husband (NFL Player) Thomas Johnson, where together they share their struggling stories to relate and motivate future generations to come. By continuing her passion for the ART of Acting, Jonna Johnson will continue to climb the ladder of The Film Industry and make her mark in History for generations to come.

Maria was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but moved away when she was still a baby.  She's lived in Texas, California, Georgia, Venezuela, and the Philippines, and enjoyed traveling to several other countries while growing up. 

Beginning in elementary school, she always enjoyed performing in school productions, but she did not consider pursuing acting professionally until she signed with an agency in the Philippines.  Even though she had to return to the United States soon after, she did not let go of her desire to pursue acting.

She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Theater and received additional training for theater and film acting from specialized acting schools in the Atlanta area. In 2009, she completed her apprenticeship at the New American Shakespeare Tavern, where she performed in three stage productions, took classes, and worked for the theater. Since 2003, Maria continues to attend auditions and has gained experience through theater productions, character appearances, industrials, commercials, student films, and print ads.


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Rick Goins

Rodrick "Rick" Goins, can be seen as Frank Phunn on the Fish 104.7's web series "Meet The Phunns." Rick started his career in media as an actor in New York performing on several off-Broadway productions; portraying the Tin-man on a national tour of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" for three seasons.  He lived in Los Angeles appearing in several film and television programs, including "Less Than Perfect" with Sherri Sheppard and Zach Levi.   Earlier in his career, he co-founded a Christian Improv Comedy troupe, "Fishes & Loaves," which toured the nation and Canada. Most recently he added "Producer" to his resume; producing the feature film "A Cry For Justice" and producing the nightly talk show "Atlanta Live on WATC TV-57.


Viviana Chavez

Viviana Chavez

Viviana Chavez has been pursuing an acting career for ten years after destiny stepped in and she was accidentally cast in her high school's one-act play. Viviana went on to receive a B.A. in Theatre and an A.B.J in Video Production at the University of Georgia. She's since signed with People Store and appeared in numerous TV shows and films including, The Walking Dead, Homeland, and Drop Dead Diva. In 2010, Viviana co-founded the production company, DarkLine Productions, with which she has produced an ongoing web series, Bethany. She is currently producing and directing the multi-platform sketch comedy troupe, Balderdash, and actively auditioning and performing. 







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Jeanne Morales, Front Desk Assistant

As a child, Jeanne was incredibly shy; however, she always knew that she wanted to be on the big screen one day! As she grew older, she noticed that everyone's childhood dreams began to cease, as did hers, from fear of not being successful, or having unrealistic expectations. This led her to follow society's demands to go to college and she received her Bachelor's in Criminal Justice.

Although she loved her major, she realized how much her mind has always been against society's standards so she decided to have the courage to go against them. Jeanne has artistic passion that sees beauty in all arts: acting, fashion, dance, modeling, etc.

Little by little she started putting herself in situations where she would have to step out of her comfort zone and do things that would force her to get over her shyness. She started taking up dance more seriously than just a hobby and entered clubs for modeling and dance. After college she began doing a lot of extra work and realized she had a stronger love for film than she imagined.

She began realizing how much of an art acting truly is. She not only was in love with the acting aspects of film, but the creation of films: the mastermind behind all of the intrinsic details!  She knew that she wanted to be a part of the creation of films as well. Once she decided to take her career into this direction, she landed her first two speaking roles where she played lead characters. She has also been booking fashion shows, an online commercial for a medical spa, and a recent print gig for a line of sunglasses.

Jeanne also teaches modeling and personal development to teenage girls with hopes of helping them come out of their shells so that they may break down barriers within themselves, and free themselves from the disservice of not doing what they love every day. She is also currently working on a fashion blog that will evolve to filmmaking that will incorporate music as storytelling and fashion as a cinematic art. She hopes that these will be the stepping stones for those with creative ideas too afraid to show them to the world.



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Dana Rice, Social Media Director


Dana Rice has been involved in performing arts since the age of 2 when she announced to her family that she wanted to be a singer. By age 5 she was playing the piano and at age 9 had her first “real” public performance - a monologue- which she delivered to a live audience of over 2,000 people.

Dana attended a performing arts high school where she studied music, dance, and drama. In spite of her love for the arts, she decided to study Chemistry in college, believing that it would provide more stability. While earning that degree, though, she continued to be actively involved in performing. Ultimately, Dana’s passion for the arts won out and after completing a BS degree in Chemistry and a Masters degree she began to focus on developing a life in the arts.

Besides writing original music for local stage productions, Dana has had the privilege of having acting roles in several local stage productions. As a result of her experiences Dana is passionate about encouraging young artists to pursue their dreams of having a life in the arts.


Tomika Weston, Marketing



Alan Sabado, Marketing